Sunday, May 1, 2011

Letting Go

She sought fulfillment,
Sought togetherness
All she got were
Vague promises
Of a future that
Didn’t exist
Even in his dreams.

Her woeful pangs

Of longing and pain
Were received
By hopeless words
Of understanding,
To have patience
That stretched infinitely.

Immersed in her agony
She didn’t sense his…
Didn’t smell his fear
Of losing her in this lifetime
His choice, his decision
Having no place for her

And yet…
He couldn’t set her free.

He wanted it all
Both worlds…
His legacy and his love.
Wrenching her heart
He was oblivious
To the endless distance
That crept stealthily…
Till one day she set herself free.

                                              Free to hope for a
New day…
Her love buried for always in
The deep crevice of her heart
Never to be resurrected.
Carrying within the burden
Of a pain numbed in time.


  1. The emotions of a heart when it has to let go are quite wrenching.....As always beautifully written

  2. A very good decision.... to let go.

  3. Its hurting a lot,Rimly...the emotions portrayed by you are as vivid as a painting...its getting better by the day.

  4. as always wonderful, your pain is also so wonderful.

  5. Excellent as usual sometime the best yet hardest is to let go. You put the idea into beautiful words

  6. Read your poems after ages. Loved it

  7. Beautiful words..stirred my heart..

  8. heartwrenching..unrequited love...lovely Rims

  9. Beautiful..Emotions of the heart are both wonderful and agonizing, you managed to capture the gamut of feelings. Well done!!!!

  10. It's beautiful...pure emotions of the heart.Loved it.

    Love is like a chewing gum.It tastes sweet till it lasts.In a life we let go so many things.We don't want to but we have to because those are the things that keeps us away from happiness.Pain is part of life and we should be ready to accept it and then happiness will follow.

    When The Heart Speaks

  11. Letting go...pain is always..XOXOXO

  12. @YogaSavy thank you my friend. Letting go is always painful but it is necessary sometimes.
    @Radznand thank you. I agree with you
    @Monu thank you
    @Alpana you will know about letting go. Thank you for your beautiful words always
    @Sancheeta pain can be wonderful because happiness is the next step after that

  13. Thank you Jessica, Priyashmita (missed you, welcome back), Jenny (Good to see you here), Louise

  14. @Sukanya thank you.
    @David you would know about the ways of the heart, wonderful and agonizing. Thank you my friend
    @Abhisek so true, its only when we let go of somethings we open the door to other good things. Thank you
    @Bonnie xoxo

  15. Where do such beautiful words emerge from Rimly? You must have a very beautiful heart. I can feel the pain!! Sigh!

  16. You learned something lasting...

    Best wishes,

  17. what intense poetry...i have to admit u r really good with words..and needless to say, this is how life goes on...relations and brk ups and then a new hope to live life all over again with some scars that time tries to heal...


  18. i was reflecting on jessica's recent post and this is the second part... 'letting go'... all i have to do is to say "this is it...NOW"... but i guess there are still strong emotions attached to those memories... and i have to take time to respect those feelings... even my confessor says that...and i'm waiting for my own resurrection...

    oh geez rimly, my eyes are filled with tears again :P...and it's only monday :P

  19. Hi Sarah, yes letting go is painful but sometimes we have to go through it to find new life. Thank you.

  20. @Melissa my beautiful friend, we all resurrect someday like the phoenix from the ashes. Take care. Love you.

  21. Swati I have a crazy heart:))) We must meet for you to know how crazy. Thank you my dear friend.

  22. Kriti I am dying to meet you, my friend. Thank you

  23. Thank you Mike, sometimes we learn it the hard way.

  24. Letting go is such a painful thing to do, but sometimes it is for the best. Enjoyed reading this Rimly!

  25. beautiful, sadness mixed with truth written in black and white translates kinda perfect the soul of it... very beautiful.

  26. @an old soul thank you so much for reading and commenting