Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Story Of Many.....PART II

I have been thinking of writing now for quite a few days but somehow not been able to. I guess the response to Timelessness….a collaboration has overwhelmed me and I’m bereft of words. Then the idea came to me to write a sequel to The Story Of Many…  ( I want to continue with the journey of this beautiful creature after her flight away from her nest, from her soul mate. As I wrote I kept in mind a few beautiful friends of mine who are like me romantics to the core so I dedicate this to them. To you lovely ladies… Alpana PrasadSancheeta Biswas, Melissa TandocSulekha Rawat, and Jessica BrantAnd lastly I write this for another soul sister of mine, Inky Sen who has always been a pillar of strength for me.

The Story Of Many…. PART II

Across planes and valleys she flies, willing her tired wings to continue its rhythmic flapping across the vast expanse. Alone but for the clouds and the wind to cheer and encourage her to keep moving with promises of a new home, she flaps her weary wings. The ancient, wise, majestic, snow capped mountains whisper to her of the mysteries of the world; the ever changing nature of life, of death and rebirth, of decay and renewal, of the eternal yearning of the human soul, of accepting and surrendering to life as it unfolds. She wants to shout back, “I know, I know, but I am none the wiser.” But she has no more wind in her to argue with them, all she wants is to reach her place of rest, her home of childhood days when life was simple, carefree and full of dreams. She has to rest, needs to heal before she can fly again to destinations unknown. She is going to a place where there are those close to her heart who will engulf her in their warm comforting embrace, soothing her battered soul, helping her to become whole again.

The sun is fading as it takes a dip in the western horizon. She searches for that nest amidst the play of shadow and light. As she swoops down her gaze fall on it nestled cozily among other habitats. A sense of relief and deep sadness overwhelms her…she has finally reached a destination but she has left behind something of hers forever and there was no turning back. For a moment she wants to drop dead crashing through the clouds and smashing like an egg. She finally comes to her resting nest. Love is all around as they gather her in their warmth. She allows them to fuss over her, welcoming her with their cooing words of comfort, savoring the moment she feels safe. As she drifts off to a dreamless sleep of sheer exhaustion, she knows she has a long way to go in trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life but she has loving hands to gently lift her from her bottomless pit of despair. She thinks of one in particular, a soul sister, and bird of the same feather, wise, kind, compassionate and understanding, without her life stands to become an endless blur.

Seasons have come and gone she still remains in her home. In moments of despair she is tormented by thoughts of him, her soul mate. Nights sometimes seem endless as she tosses and turns fraught with questions…does he think of her, does he  miss her like she misses him, or has he gone away so far that she does not even cross his mind? The questions and doubts keep her awake till she has to shake herself out of this obsession and concentrate on all those that love her, grateful to the almighty that she is surrounded by love. Her soul sister is by her side always, patiently listening to her as she pours out all the pain of broken promises and buried desires, comforting her with compassion and understanding. They talk endlessly.

What is it with women like them who love like they do, who would move heaven and earth for their love? Men weren’t like that, they are not ruled by the heart, and they will weigh the pros and cons of the situation and act keeping their well being in mind. And yet not all women are like them either, they are smart and practical. They would never relinquish their position, they are happy living their lives with material comfort, their social status where the heart does not have much to say. Are they better off or are women like them who would give up everything for love live a fuller life? She shudders, thinking of the pain and agony that women like her go through, sometimes the futility of their situation almost choking them. She thinks of some of her other soul sisters, exquisite, beautiful creatures who are like her, die hard romantics who let their hearts rule them. They are all like goddesses where their men put them up high on that pedestal, swooning over their feet, ( professing undying love but not having the courage to do anything about it. They know it is hopeless and yet they cannot give up, they cannot control their heart, living their days with maybe a tiny flicker of hope that someday things will change. After all love conquers all and there have been men who have given up everything for love even their rightful throne.

Time unfolds into years. Some days are good while there are days that are never ending. She waits for the night to come just relieved that another day has ended. But she was healing with the help of her friends and loved ones. She longed to find love again, to find a mate who would be there for her. Buoyed by hope days would pass in anticipation of discovering herself again in her longing. She hoped and believed and she waited…then one night he came to her in his dreams. He was a stranger… with a twinkle in his eyes, love and compassion written all over his face as he looked at her. Something stirred in her, something that lay dormant all these years. She felt a sense of peace, as if all the wounds had finally healed. She felt a sense of belonging and she wanted to trust her heart again looking at his angelic face, strong and yet tender. She woke up with a song in her heart. It was a dream but she just knew someday soon he will walk into her life and she was ready….for love to bloom once again in her heart.      

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Timelessness....a collaboration

We were strangers till a year ago and then we met in Ladies Club, Alpana and I. What followed was an amazing friendship, sharing our thoughts, some happy ones some painful. We had been planning to meet someday but never really got down to actually put it into action till one day Alpana called me. She was upset about something and as we talked on an impulse I asked her to come and spend some time with me and it was decided. When we finally met it was as if we had known each other for years, we felt so at home with each other. Every day we talked till the wee hours of the morning. It was then we thought of writing something together for all our blogger friends. Both being die hard romantics we decided to write about love and passion. This collaboration is for all of you...

Timelessness....a collaboration 

I had given up hope on my love, my lover. Till one day, the unexpected happened. He came back, after all these years, my love, for which I had always yearned for. We both discovered that nothing had changed between us, the love, passion we felt for each other was stronger than before. Holding hands, we walked along a familiar path, the silence of the night speaking for us.  The fresh air filling our senses, I am subdued by just being near you. Stimulated emotions, I can hardly bear, while you hold me firmly but sincerely…a silent promise.

In the darkness of the night with only the glow of the moon illuminating our bodies, I feel the warmth of your hand as it covers mine, your moist warm breath on my neck, a finger tracing my cheek, my body tingling with every touch. Uncontrollably I reach for you, aching for your touch, your every move, wanting you to ravish me with your mouth; with uninhibited passion you trace your tongue over my lips gently probing, as it enters my mouth…I kiss you with all my passion and feel your hands move over my body. Straining towards you, I feel your passion for me. Your hands tenderly caress me, exploring every inch of my body, tracing my bare breast with your fingertips…your hand enclosing it.  Slowly lowering your mouth, you kiss with a gentle tenderness, your voyage continues as you cross my navel. You ultimately reach your destination and its untainted bliss. I tilt back my head in sheer ecstasy, sweet pleasure ripping through my body. Fire burning within us, I need you to fill me with yourself. Together, we probe the depths to which we have longed for, giving of ourselves unselfishly, and accepting what the other is offering with openness and trust. We feel the fire ignite as the touching and caressing gain fervor and our bodies ride the waves in unison. With urgency we increase the rhythm of our love song. You fill me with your entire being until we explode together with contented exhaustion. Holding you as you take me to the sacred place you promised just moments before…proving to me all over again, that you are the air through which I breathe and move, you are within me, my body fevered and bruised with your kisses. You are my love, my dream, my warmth, and all that I ever wanted. It was then I realized that I was home again.

                                                                                                       Alpana Jaiswal

His lips trail
A blaze of fire
Along her contours…
A moan of pleasure
Escape from her
Hungry lips
Into the night breeze
The fire crackles
Coming alive
Its glowing ember
Shimmers on their
Intertwined limbs…
It is as if time
Has become timeless
Nothing has changed
Like the dark canopy
Of twinkling stars,
The ancient trees
With their many secrets
As they gently
Whisper in her ears,
The watery moon
As it looks down upon them,
Her lover of so many
Seasons before
Is ageless…
Surrendering to him
She unfurls in her
Seeking, searching
Her lips wanting more…
As his full mouth
Descends on her
Pink, taut nipples
She gasps in pleasure
Her soft supple body
Arches towards him
In her desire to be taken…
He gazes into her
Fiery eyes, her passion
Burning into him
In them he sees
Her undying love
Holding back no more
He unleashes his passion
As he gently takes her
In all her glory…
The gentle whispering
Trees dance in frenzy,
The twinkling stars
Burn brighter
While the moon smiles
As they celebrate
This reunion of two souls…
With every rhythm
Every thrust
As passion rides
Glimpses of eternity
Flashes across their
Inner being…
Past, present, future
All barriers broken
They cry in unison
As they reach their crescendo
Spent and sated
They lie fused as one
Nothing has changed
Their love remains ageless…

                                                                                            Rimly Bezbaruah  

Tuesday, June 7, 2011



The mirror cracks…
Her fist pounding
Till her blood,
Tears and strength
Drain away…
A face…
Stares back at her
She looks back…
Something is familiar
Yet illusive
“Who are you?”
She asks…
“I am you”
The many faces,
Bloodied and indistinct
Answer her…

Like a flash back play
Her mind races …
Memories thrust
Her back to her reality…
She had loved…
Her heart, soul and body
All given and taken
To him, her one and only
Her life, her days,
Each breathing moment….
All dedicated to him
He took it all…
And walked away

Helpless and lost
She stood mute
An empty shell
Broken and abandoned…
As he talked his way
Out, skillfully and beautifully…
Leaving her
Shriveled and lost…
Many faces gaping
On splintered glass…

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Story Of Many.....PART I

The Story Of Many….PART I

Her soft and strong wings unfurl, poised for a journey to the unknown. Perched on the edge of her haven, she sighs. The eastern sun smiles its first golden hue…….the silver lined playful clouds beckon her. They seemed to be telling her, “Fly and come to us and we will show you bluer horizons.” She is not charmed; she knows the way will not be easy, living without her love, her soul mate.

She looks at her mate, her sad eyes loving him with her being and yet not wanting to, lest her resolution crumble in a heap. She glances at their love nest, remembering the stolen moments, the promising nights as he cradled her in his arms whispering how much he loved her. Time, distance, aloneness, agony all dissipated in those blissful moments. But today, it already wears the look of abandonment as loneliness and unshed tears gnaw at every nook and corner. Pain has triumphed after all, leaving no room for love. She turns away, she cannot bear it anymore.

He watches her amidst the devastation of broken dreams and lost hopes, loving her, wishing for her to find her path. His heavy heart is unable to set her free but reason tells him “It is meant to be, let her go.” He has nothing to give her except his undying love that reverberates across the vast oceans of their separate lives. “Perhaps,” he muses, “We will find each other someday across realms to become one.” As she leaves him, the flame in his heart that had lit his life, dim and finally dies. A part of him is locked away in that darkness, unreachable, impenetrable, and lost forever.

Spreading her majestic wings, her head held high she takes off in her flight, in her search, never once looking back. She couldn’t, if she did she wouldn’t be able to resist flying back to him, her senses overcoming her like before. As she soars higher and higher towards the sun, she sheds her ties with him one by one……..desires, longings, expectations, promises all stripped till there is nothing left except her naked self and an invisible thread of love that still holds her to him. Recalling only the painful agonizing moments she strengthens her resolve, saving the beautiful ones to sustain her on cold lonely nights.

The countless echoes of “I love you” that she had thought of whispering to him with every caress as they grow old together are lost today. She wonders if she will ever love anyone as much. Her eyes are moist, her heart is breaking but as the wind blows she knows she must follow it, as it carries her to pastures unknown. The sun warms her nakedness while she rests her weary wings riding with the wind and the clouds. They are full of promise but she knows she has long lonely days to live through before love crosses her path again.

Helplessness and a feeling of not ever being complete again envelop him as he is also poised to take his flight that will take him far away from her. He allows this one moment to stay with him for a few seconds as the silent sobs of his heart wrack his strong frame. Nothing will be the same and yet his life will continue to be as he chose it to be. With a final shake of his head as if trying to shrug off his grief, he too abandons their nest where many a memory lay scattered to be blown away by the winds of time. The blue limitless horizon stretches ahead…..she is no longer visible to him, gone just like that. His strong wings flap against the wind as he flies away towards another destination, his thoughts already turning towards his life, his home.

She will be someone cherished in his heart, not to be indulged in even in solitary moments because that will weaken his purpose in life. And perhaps someday when all is done and over with, duties, responsibilities, commitments all followed through, he would then undo that part of his heart where she resides and think of those stolen moments and promising nights and once again let the silent sobs in his heart break free. But that is another day…… today love and sentiment can be kept at bay.