Wednesday, November 28, 2012



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It wobbles…
Once steadfast
Now falling apart
On the brink of breaking…

The sound of cracking
Reverberates in her soul,
Memories of its careful
Nurturing haunting her
A vain attempt…

Angry blood gushes
Filling her senses…
She can almost
Taste its bitter vileness,
Its poison coursing
Through every vein and pore,
Putrid and dark…
Impaling and deadening…
A stake through her soul

She watches…
Turning cold and numb
She waits …
For the onslaught to end
Out of control…

The silence of dying
Its yawning jaws
Snapping her,
As it engulfs her
In its hellish fury…

She claws and scratches
Searching for the pieces
Of her lost heart…
Rot and decay
Slip through her desperate fingers
She slumps amidst
The ravaging inferno...
Eyes hollow
Her heart dead
Lost forever…

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sometimes I wish….

Sometimes I wish….

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Sometimes I wish
My mystical nights last forever…
The dark emblazoned by
The humming stars,
The clouds waltzing
To the tunes of the gentle breeze,
The night creatures
Silent spectators…
When we cross over
Fusing as one
On the milky- way,
Stringing our dreams
With silver threads
Borrowed from the moon,
Etching colorful patterns
From pieces of sparkling stars
While the soothing wind
Sells our dreams
To the glowing darkness…
Guardians of our secret.
We dance and play
On the divine path
Fingers intertwined
Like children,
Happy and gleeful…
Oblivious to the cold truth
The inevitable dawn
The magical night fades
To resurrect once more
Waiting, holding its breath…
How I wish the night was
Mine to keep…