Tuesday, August 28, 2012



Photo: Google Images

Pictures of you
Haunt me…
Smiling, frowning, laughing,
They tell me
Stories of what was
Of desires, longings lost and gone…
My eyes search yours
And always the same questions
Torment my heart…
Why me? Why you?
Turmoil singe my inside…
I feel a prisoner
Banished to the hellish gallows
Of lost dreams,
Trapped and damned
Tied to an eternal wrack
I try to rise above the
Heart wrenching pain…
Scrambling and scratching
Up the walls of my
Damp and cold dungeon
Nails torn and bleeding…
At times the light above
Clears my sullied vision
And I breathe easy
Hope seems not a distant dream
I sit for endless hours
Weaving fantasy and reality
Into a fine bright tapestry,
Intertwined with motifs of love,
Laughter, bliss and ecstasy…
My journey less tiresome
Then that trigger again…
A voice, a thought, a memory,
A song, a smell…
Plunges me into my hell
My hunger, my longing, my desire
Like gadflies drive me insane
As I scream and wail
With no respite in sight
Why? I cry fruitless tears,
Knowing there are no answers
You are gone for always
And so have I…

Thursday, August 23, 2012



Photo: Google Image

My wasted, weary dreams
Lie scattered like petals
Around me…
Some fresh and crisp
Some crushed
Others torn and shriveled…
I look up at the expansive sky
Generous and engulfing
And beseech for strength…
The desire to collect them,
These carelessly strewn carcasses,
Throb and pulsate…
I long to gather them,
Hold them close to my heart
And weave another tapestry,
Another patchwork of longing
Frail and incomplete
Futile without you…
I gaze at the hopeless scatterings
Wanting yet holding back,
While the wind
Blows them away
No longer mine…
The shadows of agony
As the beaming sun
Smiles down upon my
Eager face…
Renewing me
For another day,
Another bunch of
 Fresh dreams…

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Friday Moment

A Friday moment, a single photo, no words – capturing the week or day or experiences. A simple or extraordinary moment.
This moment is a ritual found on   Life – Inspired by the Wee Man, Adopted from Soulemama. Which was introduced to me by my fellow bloggers. If you find yourself touched by a moment, and would like to participate, post your picture on a Friday and leave your link in the comment section, so I can visit your “Moment.”

Ready for action!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012



Photo: Ron Bezbaruah 

In the sweltering darkness,
An uneasy calm hovers
Clammy, cloying…
I toss and turn
My mind restless…
Conjuring happy thoughts,
They slip through like sand
Slippery, intangible…
 I am no magician!
Across rivers, dales,
Oceans and mountains
A voice calls out…
Unraveling my tangled soul
Spellbound I listen…
Every pitch, every sigh,
Every tinkle of laughter
Music to my sore ears…
Every word of love
Manna to my hungry senses
I listen…
Enraptured by this magical sound
Wishing it lingers
For always…
But it fades…
The first light of
Breaking dawn,
Harsh and incessant
Jabs at my sides…
Pain like second skin
Settles on me…
To be peeled once again
When the voice returns,
Reaching out…
Calling me across miles….