Thursday, October 27, 2011



He took her hand
And led her
Down a trodden path,
Of unspoken promises,
Dreams and fantasies.
She stood in awe
With a song in her heart
And a sprint in every step
Her hand in his
She walked the miles unaware

A fork appeared
A crossroad of decision
An unbeaten path
The unknown beckoning
Promising fulfillment…
She tugged at his hand
Hope glowed flame like
She gazed into his eyes
But recoiled…
Fear looked back at her
Indecision etched
In his heart
She died that moment
Her heart pierced
By a stake
Cried, bleeding…
He turned away
The beaten road
His comfort…

Love and thread bare
Shreds of hope
Egged her
And she followed him…
Faith not yet succumbed
She waited for
That glimpse of courage
Of conviction in them
Every tread of his
An attempt to hold on
Every word of love
A plea to have faith
Became just words
Hollow, empty…
She vacillated between
Despair and hope

A strong wind blew
Purposeful, determined…
And as the veil lifted
She stood stripped
Of all illusion
Naked and broken…
He had chosen his path.
And she needed hers…

With one last glance
She retraced her steps…
The unknown called her
Fearless and hopeful
She broke away
From the shared journey…
Promises of a life
And love fulfilled…
Of adventure
Of courage and conviction
Awaited her…
As the veil lifted…

Friday, October 21, 2011

Journey .....Poe-a-tree-Hop

Poe-a-tree Hop

When I saw Roy’s post yesterday asking us bloggers to write something about “Home is where…. ”, my first thoughts were, I couldn’t do this. I write poetry mostly and I couldn’t think of any rhyming lines about a home. Today I read and commented on some of the beautiful things my blogger friends have written about it and it got me thinking. Can I too pen my thoughts on these lines? I pondered on it, about what a home means to me and these are my thoughts.

For everyone who reads these lines, “Home is where…”,  the first thoughts are “the heart is”, it is about the place they lived with their parents and shared their childhood memories or their present ones surrounded by love, laughter, happiness and people they love. Yes, we all have such homes. But I’d like to believe that a home goes beyond concrete structures. It needn’t necessarily be a house that you make a home of. I believe it can be anything, a place, a house, a situation, a job. “Home” is a state of the mind, where you feel you connect in your heart, where you finally feel safe and happy.

I have beautiful memories of my childhood, growing up in my home. They were brief because I left for boarding school at the age of 10 and since then I have never really stayed home with my parents. Then my married life took me places. I have lived like a gypsy since then until now, finally I have come to roost at my mother’s nest and it is my home. I feel loved and cherished and yes there are happy memories here too. In the course of my shifts from place to place people would often ask me “Don’t you miss the place you left behind” and I would reply, “Not really because this is where my home is now”. It is where my heart is, I have built a home out of four walls.

Home is also a relationship that you cherish, where you finally feel you have come to the end of your search and met the man you love. So often, lovers tell each other “I am finally home”. What does that mean? It means they feel connected to each other through their hearts; there is comfort, a sense of being loved and nurtured in that state of loving one another. They are home with one another. Home can also be a dream job that you land up with. You feel you have at last found the job that your heart always wanted, and you can be the person you are, because you will do what you most wanted to do.

Home can be a place that you happen to be where you feel safe and comfortable. It may be a place you have never been to and yet your heart tells you it is home, that you feel you connect to it somehow.

So for me home is not only a house that people build and make into a home with love. It is a state where you can be yourself, where you can lower your guard, feel content, loved and cherished. Home is where your heart is in sync with someone, a place, or a situation. All it needs is your heart to tell you that it feels connected and you are home.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011



She touches
The great expanse
Of her majestic wings...
Are they clipped?
Is she a prisoner?
She wonders...
But they seem
Untouched, pristine...
The door is ajar
Her freedom calls
Out to her
The music of the
World outside
Like the Lorelei song
Lures her,
She swoons almost
In a trance

Escape, a step away...
Yet as if shackled
She stays rooted
Shivering, frightened
The walls of her caged mind
Cave in...
Holding her close
To their diabolic bosom
They whisper to her
“Don’t leave”
The darkness inside
More visible
Than the light outside
She looks at her
Long-time companions...
Pain, Hurt, Fear,
Cowardice, Doubt...
United they look at her
With accusing eyes
“How can you?”
They screech in a chorus
A momentary flash
Of guilt crosses
The thick haze
Of her thoughts...

The song and the light beckons
She takes a faltering
Step forward
Her heart engaged
In a tug-of-war
Shutting her mind
To the mournful cacophony behind
She spreads her wings
Swooping towards
The light
Its dazzling brightness
Blinding her
“I am free”
She shouts out
There is no answer...

A sudden loneliness
Grips her
Euphoria buckles under
The heavy fear that
Settles on her shoulder
She turns her back
To her liberation
Her bondage too strong
It’s vice like hold binding...
Settling in her
Comfortable perch again
Her eyes are drawn
Towards the new dawn
Perhaps another day...
Another lifetime...
For that door is ajar