Thursday, October 27, 2011



He took her hand
And led her
Down a trodden path,
Of unspoken promises,
Dreams and fantasies.
She stood in awe
With a song in her heart
And a sprint in every step
Her hand in his
She walked the miles unaware

A fork appeared
A crossroad of decision
An unbeaten path
The unknown beckoning
Promising fulfillment…
She tugged at his hand
Hope glowed flame like
She gazed into his eyes
But recoiled…
Fear looked back at her
Indecision etched
In his heart
She died that moment
Her heart pierced
By a stake
Cried, bleeding…
He turned away
The beaten road
His comfort…

Love and thread bare
Shreds of hope
Egged her
And she followed him…
Faith not yet succumbed
She waited for
That glimpse of courage
Of conviction in them
Every tread of his
An attempt to hold on
Every word of love
A plea to have faith
Became just words
Hollow, empty…
She vacillated between
Despair and hope

A strong wind blew
Purposeful, determined…
And as the veil lifted
She stood stripped
Of all illusion
Naked and broken…
He had chosen his path.
And she needed hers…

With one last glance
She retraced her steps…
The unknown called her
Fearless and hopeful
She broke away
From the shared journey…
Promises of a life
And love fulfilled…
Of adventure
Of courage and conviction
Awaited her…
As the veil lifted…


  1. Rimly,
    sometimes it is so difficult to choose a path when your heart is telling you to have faith but your mind knows that there is no hope. All is not lost till the game ends and life is so unpredictable and fickle, that it changes every second.Though it's okay to be prepared for the worst but it is also very important to hope for the best.Loved your poem, take care.

  2. Knew you would say something like this. Love you for your optimism. Thank you for being there for me. And thank you for always leaving such encouraging comments

  3. You have brought out the indecisions in life beautifully. Moments where we have to make painful descisions and dont know if we would follow through

  4. When the door of happiness closes, another opens. But often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us. -Unknown
    Watching someone walk out of our life should not make us bitter or cynical about love. Rather it should make us realize that if we wanted so much to be with the wrong person, how wonderful it will be when the right one comes along. You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look for fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' You must do the thing you think you cannot do.You made me cry with this one,the pain in your words is hurting me a lot.

  5. Jerly thank you so much. So often we come to that crossroad and are afraid to veer away from the beaten path.

  6. Alpana my soul sis thank you for the wonderful and wise comment. You are so right. Something better is always waiting around the corner. Thank you for reminding me. xoxo

  7. This painful n realistic poem will touch hearts f many today! Rimly i will only say...

    Give time some time
    Eveything wil be on line
    your each day in pain
    Will never go in vain

    Its few lines from somethin m still writing!

    God Bless u rimly!!

  8. Mani thank you. Love your few lines of poetry. Looking for the entire poem.
    God bless you too.

  9. And I'm glad the veil she can walk proudly on the path that is hers and be the person she is meant to be - beautiful, wise, loving, creative.....

  10. Yes Corrine. Thank you so much

  11. As the veil lifted...
    The light flickered..
    Beautiful :)

  12. Compromise is a compromise....Amazing.

  13. I am glad she listened to the unknown...

  14. Thank you Janu. Glad you liked it

  15. Yes Savira, I am glad she chose the unknown

  16. Rimly,

    Oh our Hearts and Minds if we could only let go and step out of the way...

    Beautiful Rimly as you are


  17. You have outdone yourself once again, Rimly. This is stunning! I just love the image you paint of the "fearless and hopeful" woman...knowing she has to be true to herself and following her own path. I know that beautiful soul is you.

    Warmest hugs! <3

  18. Hello.
    WoW! What a pleasure to read.
    Indecision, fear, regret, hope, love...such vivid imagery.

    Beautifully expressed.

    Thanks for sharing & for your visit/comment. Much appreciated.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  19. Jessica thank you. I know you would understand this poem, something close to our heart.

  20. Yes Becky I am trying to be the fearless and hopeful woman. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment

  21. Thank you Andy, glad you enjoyed reading it.

  22. One of the hardest things to do is to be true to ourselves and go in the direction that we need to go...sometimes that is a lonely path, at least at first.

    Great poem...of love's difficult decisions.

  23. It is so picturesque... Your way of writing inspires me a lot. :) I loved it...

  24. a walk towards the unknown..your words took me there...As always....XOXOXOXO

  25. Wow. It's like you're telling my story. Indecision was etched deeply in my man's heart as well. It's a sad, SAD thing to realize the one you thought you were starting your life with is so indifferent. You are right that we must chose our paths. Stay strong! Beautiful poem.

  26. Happens ever so often in a relationship - sad but true and no one can ever write about it better than you. Love it RImly

  27. I see this as a masterpiece! Wished she could have figured this out before the veil was lifted? It seems almost too late? Great psot!

  28. Thank you Jessica, I know sometimes that is the hardest thing to do, to take that step away to be alone.

  29. Thank you Anshul, I am glad you liked it

  30. Bonnie a walk towards the unknown is always a frightening thing in the beginning but we all have to do it. Thank you. xoxo

  31. Rachel thank you so much. It is indeed so sad when you realize the person who you love and thought to be someone you know turns out to be a stranger. But like you said we all have to choose our own paths.

  32. Kriti, always leaving such lovely comments. Yes it is so often true of a relationship but one gets over it and moves on. Thats what the poem is about.

  33. And as she makes her own way....I'm sure her journey will be just as adventorous and happy as she had anticipated! Beautiful! hugs to you girl for bringing so much beauty into our lives with your poetry...

  34. So glad that veil no longer shields her. She has the courage to confront life on her own. Congratulations to her.

  35. This reminded me of a choice that I've been contemplating in my own life. Those paths exist for all of us, and they don't always align as we would wish for them to. I've recognized that very thing with a specific relationship and am in the process of making some firm decisions. So, visiting here today gave me another word of encouragement and a timely reminder that I'm on the right path, regardless of where other peoples' paths lead them. Beautiful work, Rimly!

    - Dawn

  36. I love the strength in this. Nice write, Rimly!

  37. Well, shoot - I posted a comment earlier today and it poofed. Okay, let me see if I can remember what I said. This poem had me thinking about a relationship that requires some strong decisions on my part. I've been approaching this decision for a while, and very recently, I've been clearly seeing that this other person is a drain emotionally, psychologically and physically. Although love is still there, I am aware that the healthiest choice for me is to cut ties. It doesn't mean I'll stop loving that person; it just means I've learned to love myself more. I find it very timely that you wrote something of this nature, Rimly. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. :)

    - Dawn

  38. Swati thank you so much. Yes she is looking forward to an adventurous and happy future.

  39. Thank you Myrna for visiting and commenting. Sometimes the choices are very hard but one has to make them

  40. Thank you Dawn. Both your comments were published. But I am glad this poem helped you in some way to think about taking a decision. You are so right that loving someone sometimes is not enough if that is causing you pain. The best thing to do is let it go though that too is a very painful process

  41. Awesome as usual :)

    But why are your poems so dark? one can tell they come out from somewhere deep within which is not just a realm of fiction and fantasy but more than that.
    the strange trail that I am picking up from each one of your poems is taking me on a path, which is very disturbing, eerily sad, a strange weight on soul...
    I would love to see a positive poem of yours, that'd be quite relaxing :)

  42. Rimly, thanks so much for your patience! I forgot that you have the approval of comments setting activated, so that's why I thought the first comment had poofed. (Blonde moment)

    - Dawn

  43. Thank you Mohit for your comment. Yes you are right about my poems being sad but I always try and end it on a note of hope. Besides I love Shelley's line "Our sweetest songs are those that tell us saddest thoughts". I really wouldnt know how to write a relaxing poem.

  44. Yes Dawn had to do that because a couple of months back I had some real unpleasant comments on my posts.

  45. Rimly beautifully sad... Strong women with a heart of gold.....

  46. painfully beautiful.. loved the way u set the plot.. heartwarming.. <3

  47. Thank you Monu. Really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment

  48. You cannot walk in a straight line towards your destination if you are veiled.

    Lovely and poignant piece


  49. You are right, with a veil covering my eyes it is impossible to walk a straight line !!! Thank you A

  50. Oh, Rimly, you've told my story!!
    I've read this poem this whole afternoon and will go to it again and again. Rimly,what a loving heart you have!

  51. I would say the veil has lifted on one of my all time favourite poetry bloggers. Wonderful!

  52. Hi Portia that was some inspiring and encouraging comment from you. I am so glad you connected with it. Thank you.

  53. Yes Larry the veil has finally lifted, thank you so much

  54. It's like reading my own journey through poetic verses... one mood shifts to the next and I truly await for the veil to be lifted...

  55. Yes Melissa we have both gone through similar journeys this time, that's why you can relate to this. I am sure you are already facing the light and the veil of illusion has lifted. God bless you, my friend

  56. Hauntingly beautiful as always. Your poems never fail to hit home.Simply fantastic!One of my favorites.

  57. Thank you so much Eva for sharing this and commenting