Thursday, October 20, 2011



She touches
The great expanse
Of her majestic wings...
Are they clipped?
Is she a prisoner?
She wonders...
But they seem
Untouched, pristine...
The door is ajar
Her freedom calls
Out to her
The music of the
World outside
Like the Lorelei song
Lures her,
She swoons almost
In a trance

Escape, a step away...
Yet as if shackled
She stays rooted
Shivering, frightened
The walls of her caged mind
Cave in...
Holding her close
To their diabolic bosom
They whisper to her
“Don’t leave”
The darkness inside
More visible
Than the light outside
She looks at her
Long-time companions...
Pain, Hurt, Fear,
Cowardice, Doubt...
United they look at her
With accusing eyes
“How can you?”
They screech in a chorus
A momentary flash
Of guilt crosses
The thick haze
Of her thoughts...

The song and the light beckons
She takes a faltering
Step forward
Her heart engaged
In a tug-of-war
Shutting her mind
To the mournful cacophony behind
She spreads her wings
Swooping towards
The light
Its dazzling brightness
Blinding her
“I am free”
She shouts out
There is no answer...

A sudden loneliness
Grips her
Euphoria buckles under
The heavy fear that
Settles on her shoulder
She turns her back
To her liberation
Her bondage too strong
It’s vice like hold binding...
Settling in her
Comfortable perch again
Her eyes are drawn
Towards the new dawn
Perhaps another day...
Another lifetime...
For that door is ajar


  1. The door is ajar; always....

    I feel so incapable to collect the right words to praise the beauty within here...
    Expressions touched me so deep. I loved it... :)

  2. Finally you appear again with a great one.

  3. Thank you Anshul, loved your poem too

  4. Thank you janu, yes it is sad but there is hope still

  5. "The darkness inside More visible Than the light outside" boy oh boy I can relate to this poem...I don't know where hope has gone....As always....XOXOXOXO

  6. This is something we call FANTASTIC...soo much depth...loved it:)

  7. Maybe if I share the path you walk then a little more of your pain will vanish. I want you to heal, dear Rimly.I don't care as to who gave you the pain, I just want yours to subside. No matter what, your path is yours. Dont follow misery or worry. Devote every moment of your life to improving your dreams. Love your world. Cherish the good you do. Let go of hatred. Dream of love.
    You are at your best Rimly,keep writing,I always want to see you happy.

  8. It was nice to wait for this GEM!
    Rimly, you are superb!

  9. Hi Bonnie, tried to comment on your post but couldnt. I can perfectly understand you relating to this poem. So remember you are not alone, we all go through the same. Thank you. xoxo

  10. Lovely and inspiring as always!! I can relate as fear and doubts have certainly held me back in situations until courage overcomes all and I spread my wings to fly upward. Great post and welcome back!! Blessings :)

  11. Mani thank you so much for reading and commenting

  12. It's amazing how we stay in the dark for such long periods of time simply because the darkness is familiar. It's that old saying, "people don't change until the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of changing." I don't know who said it.
    I loved this poem Rimly. You have such a way with words, painting your picture, grabbing my emotions. Just lovely.

  13. Thank you Alpana for always touching my heart with your words.

  14. Hey Portia great to see you finally being able to comment. Thanks a ton

  15. Thank you David. That's exactly what I felt when I wrote this. So often I find myself in situations when I am miserable but dont have the courage to fly away because we are somehow in a warped way comfortable with the pain.

  16. I know what you mean Leah. We so often dont have the courage till the pain of staying in that situation is worse than the pain of moving out of it. Thank you so much for your lovely comment

  17. Your poem reminded me of this...

    Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance...

  18. Yeah take the shackles so that we can fly and dance! Thank you Jenni

  19. i loved this .. really toching :)

    Weakest LINK

  20. a wild call to break free from d shackles dat we adorn n a touching xpression of thoughts .....just smile as dere is hope n every dusk is followed by a dawn ....dat marks a new beginning. rimly u have a beautiful way with words ...just keep writing. god bless u

  21. Rimly,

    I so miss your words.. I can relate to ever word written.


  22. Rimly overruled Rimly once again. pain, pain oh! pain,is it your love who dominates the pen? i wonder!

    loved each words, felt it from the innercore of my heart. want to see you smile all over again. love you.

  23. This resonates so deeply of my life journey, I have missed you. This is superb and so very right. <3<3<3

  24. Riveting imagery! I'm so glad the door is still ajar; maybe, one day, she will try again . . .

    Just beautiful, Rimly!


  25. It takes time to heal broken gather the courage to fly again...To trust the Light when you have been so familiar with darkness. But the door is ajar and that makes all the difference...Love and hugs...

  26. you are back with a bang, sista! missed you.

  27. Rimly, this is so beautiful. You really have a precious gift for expressing the deepest emotions. I love how you've ended this piece on that positive note..."that door is ajar always..."


  28. Hey Outlier, Yet another masterpiece....loved the intensity but felt the pain and the longing. You are an awesome poetess and you have to publish your book of poems soon. Love and hugs my friend.

  29. Suprana thank you so much. I think we should never give up hope in our darkest of moments.

  30. Jessica than you. I know you connect to this very well.

  31. Sancheeta great to have you commenting on my post. Yes it is love, pain, loss, fear and yet hope that makes me write

  32. Jan thank you. I think most us can connect to this. We are so scared to come out of our comfort zone. Missed being here too and visiting your blog

  33. Martha I am sure she will try again, the option to fly is always there, to get out of the darkness. Thank you

  34. Corrine thank you. I cannot end any of my poems without some hope. Without hope life is quite meaningless. xoxo

  35. Yes Rimjhim I am back but dont know if it is with a bang that lasts.

  36. Becky thank you for always the lovely words of encouragement. Had to end the poem with a note of hope

  37. Thank you Outlier. You have always been encouraging me to write. As for publishing that's for another day to ponder.

  38. you choice of words are unbelievable rimly..throughout the whole poem....and yet the last line is so simple yet so beautifully crafted, its heartbreaking

  39. Thank you so much Mohit. I have been reading your poems too and they are real good ones.

  40. Those are powerful words that reflect such deep emotions

  41. Thank you you Savira. We are so often afraid to come out of the cage when the door is always open to us to make that leap out of the darkness.

  42. I love the way you express :)

  43. beautiful Rimly, just like you. This poem came at just the time I needed it. Love you for your timing...its good to know am not alone in feeling the way the girl feels in the poem. IT spoke right to me.
    Keep them poems coming...they are so inspiring...!!:)

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  45. Ashita finally! Great to see your comment. I am so glad this poem connected with you. Do keep reading and commenting, means a lot to me.

  46. Rimly, your words have the unique talent of pulling at my heart strings. Beautiful poem.

  47. I'm sure no one has ever doubted your courage, but i'm sure many like me, have missed your words. I'm pleased to see you back at your best!

  48. Hello.
    Visiting from the group Blogger Reflections.

    Words like these expressed straight from the heart have so much more meaning.
    I could feel your emotions all the way through.
    As long as there is that little hint of light, there will always be hope. Remember, you are not alone when you have so many of us around you to keep you uplifted.

    Awesome imagery & very well done!

    I'm looking forward to exploring your blog & reading more from you.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  49. Mary thank you so much. But isn't it true for so many of us trying to get out of our cages when the door is always open to fly out of it?

  50. Larry missed all of you too. Now I am back to reading everything i missed.Thank you

  51. Andy thank you so much. I read your post and you too speak from the heart. Really enjoyed reading

  52. Beautiful poem, Rimly. I sure hope the bird ties to fly again soon but I understand the fear.

  53. Sad, but still I felt some Hope. Enjoy reading your poems.

  54. Thank you Rachel. I am sure she will try to fly again, just needs a little more courage

  55. Thank you Sea Green Natural. Hope can never die otherwise all is lost!

  56. Lovely Poem Rimly. I sense pain.

  57. I was breathing heavily as I read this, because I was anticipating every line and pulling for her to leave! But, life is not always like that. We need to build up courage sometimes and when we do, we fly. I loved this piece dear Rimly. Words are in submission in your grasp. :-)

  58. Thank you for reading and commenting NJ. Yes there is always pain but also hope in the end. That can never go away

  59. Tameka than you so much. Sometimes it is not easy to fly but there is always hope.

  60. Oh soul sis... this is a dramatic piece and it's a beautiful literary piece. I would really suggest you to compile your works and turn it into a book. I would love that students read this.

    If I could put it on stage, it would really be haunting...I can mold it into a character... geez.

    Pretty heavy setting :)...

  61. Melissa my soul sis that was an honor to be appreciated like this for my poems. Why dont you make this a play. It is a journey we all take. LOL!