Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Honored…The Versatile Blogger Award

I was completely taken aback last evening when I opened my mail. There was a notification that Mari. S. Wilbur has left a comment on my post “My name is Heart” where she congratulated me for being awarded as one of the Most Versatile Blogger by Jim Brandano. Mari was one of the winners. Thank you, Mari for informing me and commenting on my post. You are an amazing photographer.
As for Jim, my friend I look forward to your posts as well to your comments on my posts. I love the way you add an introduction to your photographs, like a prelude to something amazing and beautiful, your photographs.
I thank you for this honor. I am very new to the blogging world and to be recognized by another fellow blogger is very encouraging.
Now I have been given the difficult task of selecting seven such jewels, seven” Most Versatile Bloggers”. I have so many in my mind but am restricted to only seven. It is tough. It took me quite a few hours to select the ones. I have also been asked to write 7 things about myself. That’s one thing I have no clue about. Who am I? But I will give it a try. So here goes:

1.       I am a single mother of a 17 year old. I try to be both mom and dad to my incredible child. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail miserably.
2.       I am very emotional. I cry at movies, I cry listening to beautiful music, I cry looking at anything beautiful. However onions don’t make me cry because I have learnt the trick!!!
3.       I forget and forgive very easily, that’s why I tend to make similar mistakes.
4.       I only listen to my heart, very rarely to my reason and I usually jump from the frying pan to the fire.
5.       I have amazing friends who have stood by me in my most trying times. I thank god for that.
6.       I am an incorrigible romantic! No matter how battered and bruised I never give up hope for another romantic adventure.
7.       I believe in soul mates, not one but many.

THE SEVEN JEWELS:    Her blog name says it all. Her profile says, “I love life & and people. I'm a giving person. I would rather be a server than to be served. I forgive at the drop of a dime. But, I won't allow anyone to walk over me anymore …” Very informative, her blog is a store house of information on relationship.  Sumit Chakraborty, an upcoming blogger. Despite his young age his writings tell another story, that of a sensible, thoughtful, mature person. His poems reflect a sensitivity that is very endearing. Please follow this young man.  A journey of a father and daughter. Alejandro is funny, touching, heartwarming and sensitive. A blogger whose “daughter keeps her dad young as she grow older…” He has thousands of followers but those of who haven’t, please go and visit his blog. Sarah Jane, a very busy working woman and a mother but somehow she manages to stay on the top. A prolific writer who also suffers from writer’s block like all of us but has wonderful friends to contribute to her amazing blog. A must visit.  YogaSavy Savira, a yoga teacher, her blog is about the balance that we mortals are trying to achieve in life to find peace. “LIVE In The Moment LAUGH Always BREATHE With Awareness” is her blog name. Every post of this amazing blogger leaves you thinking. A must visit to this special lady’s blog.  The last of my choice but not the least. This young woman is strength, beauty, sensitivity and thoughtfulness personified. Alpana’s writings reflect all of that. She writes about love, relationship, and life. You have to visit her blog to see that.


  1. Oh boy what a surprise! Thank you so much Rimly. Though thousands of followers is a huge overstatement LOL.. Your blog is beautiful and touches my heart... So back at you Rimly.


  2. I didnt count the followers but I know you have a huge following. That was just a figure of speech Alejandro. But honestly I enjoy your blog. You totally deserve it

  3. Rimly, you made a wonderful selection! That would be a difficult task to complete:)
    Most of the blogs that you listed, I follow loyally, but a few I haven't been to and will travel over to check them out.
    Thank you for sharing! This was wonderful:)

  4. Rimly,congratulations,and I can't believe that you have listed me...thank know very well that I am learning from you...but this is amazing.

  5. Mari it was tough selecting those seven because there are so many more I follow and enjoy reading.

  6. Congratulations on your award, Rimly, it is well-deserved. Your heart is open to the world. We can have many soul mates? I agree, love your style. Also, I love your picks. I know all but one and they are great. I look forward to check out the blog new to me.

  7. Congrats Rimly - you are so deserving of this : ) Congratulations to all your nominations as well.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS RIMLY :)...i'm so happy and proud of you... it's easy to read those seven things about yourself because you are what you write :)... you are an amazing person...very honest... thanks for sharing those seven jewels...would love to read them too ;)

  9. WOOOOO HOOOOO..CONGRATULATIONS.....a beautiful award for a beautiful person.....I hope it brings a beautiful smile.....As always...XOXOXO

  10. Thank you so much for such a great honor :) I don't have words to say how happy i am :)

  11. Thank you so everyone for your kind words. Really mean a lot to me

  12. Rimly I apologize for my tardiness in responding. I will chalk it up to laziness (honest) Thank you for this award it comes as a surprise to me. I am glad to have found your writings and I read it often.
    I admire your complete openess something I am still struggling with.
    Congratulations once again and Thank you

  13. OH Rimly, I feel awful, I never saw this but in my defense I was on project and locked away by the evil misers at work :) Thank you so much.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your 7 reveals, you think you know the person behind the blog and hten you find out some more oxox

    Love to you and yours from me and mine

  14. Dear Rimly,

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you for being awarded "The Versatile Blogger". I have read some of your posts and I must say that your beautiful and personal writings has touched my head immensely.

    You are one strong woman and your writings reflect your virtue. I am in a confusing emotional state myself and reading your blog calm my confusion to a certan extent.

    And, the "Seven Jewels" you picked are real great choice. I'm starting to read them!

    I must say THANK YOU. :)

  15. God Isabelle thank you so much. I am so touched that my writing has helped you in a small way.