Tuesday, February 1, 2011



  Demons in my head
Mock me
With their ugly cacophony
They whisper to me…
You are on your own
They tell me…
The lost one that was found
Has no desire, no will
To hold your hand
Let go…live life
You were never worthy.

Throngs of loved ones
Encourage and cocoon
Me in their warmth and yet…
I am alone, so lone
You, my beloved
Sealed my lonely destiny
Pleas and appeals are stifled
As my woeful cries,
Are lost in this tempest of despair

Alone I stand once again
Facing a desolate path
Fear and dread
Grip me like tentacles
I have no choice…
The lonesome trail calls me
Without you,
Solitude as my companion
We walk hand in hand.

Time will heal…
Life has its own story to unfold
Of spinning your fate
Be patient…
My beloved ones tell me…
All sound meaningless and hollow.
Lost and floundering
I plunge deeper
Into my abyss of hopelessness

You, my soul, my other half
Resolute in your choice
Like an oak stand strong…
As I watch on helpless
My mind reeling and grappling
With this stark truth…
You were never mine.
So you banish me forever
To a lifetime of pain and longing.

Yet I cannot let go, not yet
They snicker and laugh
You are doomed…
The cruel voices in my head say…
You were never meant to be
Just a fancy distraction
Is all you will be…
Their uproar deafens me
Torn and tortured
I flee to the momentary comfort
Of your love, of your voice once again.


  1. Only a sensitive soul like u can come up with such a master piece ...

  2. the soul is as complete as god. we don't need another to complete us.

  3. It reminds me of a post I once wrote about how we do need to live in an alternate reality of out own creation to hide from the real reality....

  4. Rimly, All the voices in our heads are our own. We direct our thoughts in whichever direction we want them to go, we are very strong. So why not let our thoughts go in higher and happier directions, let us dream good, nice and lovely dreams and fantasies. One day they will become a reality. I believe in the power of positive visualization. Don't like to see you hurting and sad, my dear friend...chin up and smile..:)

  5. Jerly thank you so nuch for your comment. Would love to read your post so please send me the link

  6. Sulekha thank you my friend for this gem of a comment.

  7. Rimly, what a visceral poem. I felt every bit of the pain and loneliness...I had to catch my breath and look for the light.
    You write from such an honest pure place. I love your poems and your words.

  8. Leah thank you. I think I too eat life raw, Leah, no wonder I love your posts. They too are straight from the heart.

  9. I just read NJ's poem, Never Been Alone... and had let music lift my soul. It is soaked by the love I am feeling right now and it drowns these voices that pull me down...

    Oh feel that love embracing you soul sis... I felt your care and love when I was down there...

    And you are stronger than these voices :*... you are never never alone :*

  10. I have goosebumps when I'm reading this, you always manage to take me to the most far out places but I'm glad you always bring me back again too - great build up, makes you feel the suspense and that wonderful ending...

    "Their uproar deafens me
    Torn and tortured
    I flee to the momentary comfort
    Of your love, of your voice once again."

  11. so heartfelt and touching!

  12. I have commented once,but now I look at this with a new dimension altogether.Why do we love, if losing hurts so much? We love to know that we are not alone....we love so that that two solitudes come nearer, recognize and protect and comfort each other.And yet there is so much pain...I wish love came with a "guarantee card"..Your words have made me cry,but its fine,I have been doing so since morning...this is so touching u always.

  13. WOW I am not good at understanding poems..but this one made me's like what my inside says to me...amazing and profoundly sad....but beautiful...As always....XOXOXOXOO

  14. voices unheard, why does the cry not penetrate the other soul's senses ? i doubt that they have a heart and moisted eyes to let fall one drop of tear.

    love and hugs for pouring your heart to pen down an excellent poem so sensible.

  15. Your beautifully woven words caught me up in their threads and and clothed me in memories of lost love, of the aching lonliness, the longing for what I could not have, and so needed, in my life.
    You touched my mind, my heart, my soul . . . and that, dear Rimly, is what great poets do.
    God has given you a great talent. I'm glad you are using it.
    Blessings always!

  16. The voices we hear within our heads are different parts of us...We are all that and we are none of that!

  17. Very vivid poem. Look within for the answers and peace you seek...all you need is already there...just waiting to be discovered :)
    ~love and blessings

  18. Melissa, I know we are never alone. There will always be someone to hold your hand but in suffering we are all alone. Only the person going through that pain knows what it is like, others can only understand it. But pain like all else has to go for joy to fill your heart. Nothing lasts forever including sadness. Thank you for being there always

  19. Sarah thank you for your comment. There has to be respite even in the worst of situations even though it may be momentary, like to be in the arms of the one you love.

  20. Portia thank you for reading and commenting

  21. Alpana nothing comes with a guarantee card. Even if there is so much pain in love we cannot close our heart to love. We should not. Thank you sweetie for your first as well as your second comment

  22. Dear Bonnie I am sure you can connect to this poem. We all have different voices in our head constantly in conflict with one another. It takes a lot to calm them and be still. Thank you for your comment. xoxo

  23. Sancheeta great to see you back once again. sometimes even love is not enough to prevent a broken heart. That is the truth. Love you

  24. Martha thank you so much for this beautiful comment. There are so many "what ifs" in life, things we never had or could do about love but I guess we all move on, and once in awhile look back in nostalgia

  25. I agree with you Savira. There are some voice in us who are up to no good and there are some which should not be ignored. Thank you for your comment

  26. Jessica thank you so much for your comment. Yes the answers are all within us, we only have to look deep for them

  27. We all have demons, do not fear them, that you recognised the beauty and the beast sets you apart from the mundane misery and pain, yes they too are mundane.. only love triumphs and you have collected them with a pure heart, a great abundance still awaits you...and you will never be short of it...

  28. Powerfully written Rimly. My voices get me through each day. I don't know what I would do without them :)

  29. Thank you so much "you know who said" for your lovely comment

  30. Mary thank you for your comment. Yes we all have voices in our head. We should listen to some carefully because they always tell the truth.

  31. Hello.
    This is so sad, so poignant. Beautifully penned straight from the heart Rimly.
    Hugs to you dear.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Imaginary Dreams

  32. Thank you so much Andy for your comment. Hugs to you too

  33. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem Rimly! I wish I could pen a poem but then again to be able to do this you need to look deep inside in your soul. This is what you do and the results are poems that are incredibly beautiful and from the heart.

  34. Rimly - reading this poem objectively I am as usual awed by your talent and depth of feeling. If I didn't know you I would have become the kind of fan that just want to shake your hand one time in my life. But I do know you and that makes me hope you are okay - that you strong - that you can gather enough thoughts to make you happy in spite of everything. Hugs coming your way : )

  35. When you write it is so raw yet full of pain. Don't ever let go of the will to fight on..Your worth it!!

  36. Wow! That was great! Ya, I struggle with those kind of thoughts from time to time. Mostly when I don't get enough sleep and rest.

  37. Nelieta thank you so much. I never knew I was the poetic kind till very recently. I felt I could express better when I felt something deeply through verse rather than prose

  38. Kriti my goddess I am ok. This was an old poem that I posted. I am more healed now. Thank you for that lovely bit about shaking hands with me. But when I do meet you we will hug each other than shake hands

  39. Jim it is friends like who keep pushing me to not give up and fight. Thnak you for always encouraging me.

  40. Yes Sea Green, they are always chattering in my head also at nights when I can't sleep. Thank you for your comment

  41. There is a this love song by a soul singer named Alexander O'Neal entitled Love Makes No Sense and this poem drives his lyrics home. The heart doesn't have eye eyeballs only heart strings. I loved this!

  42. Yes the heart is blind, only feels. Thank you Tameka for your wonderful comment