Thursday, February 3, 2011

Them and her…

They sat holding hands….
The crackle of the fire
Warming their cold bones…
Their gnarled fingers intertwined,
A testimony of a life of
Togetherness, of a life fulfilled.
Their silence like music
Soothe their hearts.

His salt and pepper hair
Now snowy white
Shine in the glowing ember.
She wants to slide her fingers
Through the silvery strands
But doesn’t….
Gestures like this no longer,
A proof of her steadfastness.

His still twinkling eyes behold
Her with love and affection
Many a storm has
Come and gone
But they have stood
Their ground.
Like pillars they
Have held their legacy together.

His angelic smile warms
Her content heart
As they gaze into
Each other’s soul.
Ensconced in their world
Their journey of life
Began and will end
As one, bonded forever.

She sits huddled
Close to her fire.
Her old, weary, cold bones
Seeking the only warmth
Left to her
The other woman….
Worlds separate them
Loving him yet lost to him always.

Her crop of silvery strands
Too shines in the burning light
Stooped and alone
She sits reminiscing….
The spring of love
That had welled in her
Now lies dried and dead….
A memory only….

Her smile still lights
Her lined face,
But tinged with melancholy.
His promises, his words
Still beating in her heart
“Love me and await,
I promise I will come to you”
His words reverberate….
Remaining a refrain in her life.

She waited by the
Door of hope…
Hoping against hope
But it stayed shut
Only silence echoed…
A silence that clamored
For a resolution…
That never came.

Shivers wrack her tired frame
As flashes of emotion
Surge like lightening…
His laughter, his smile.
His deep voice with
His tender words
“Not right now baby….”
But the line remains
It stays suspended
In the passage of time.

He abandoned her
His other woman…
To uphold his legacy, his woman
As she died and
Shriveled inside
With emptiness
Residing forever in her heart.

They had met at a crossroad
Their paths crossing briefly
Love swept them away
The deluge of emotions racing in their veins
Blinding them…
Till conviction came calling….
Their parallel lives
Had no meeting point
He tries to explain…
While her love groped and
Groveled in the darkness
Of uncertainty
And withered away
Lost in this journey forever….



  1. Your poem tore my heart apart,'s so tragic..hauntingly sad..great writing poetess

  2. They shared something way beyond what "Love" can hold within its frame.... They were beyond love, this world and everything... Sometimes, I think the word 'love' just cannot encompass the wide spectrum of emotions (or even a particular emotion)that we want it to express. It falls short ... You are beautiful you fill that void with your poems.

  3. Wow, great poem. Strong stuff.