Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In his dreams

She comes to him
In his dreams now…
Ethereal, waiflike
A warm sensation
Almost real and yet intangible

As she kisses his lips
Her long tresses
Cascade over his
Slumbering self
He breathes in her
Familiar scent,
Remembering those times
When he would
Soak his face in them

He responds to her lips
With every fiber of his
Body tingling…
Drinking in the sweet
Nectar of her mouth
The thought crosses
His mind again…
No woman kisses him
Like she does

She whispers in his ears
Her warm breath
Fanning his neck
He groans with
Unleashed pleasure
Remembering those moments
When she would
Tease him…
 Her tongue exploring him
Arousing in him passions
Alien to him.

He wants her
Body and soul
And she surrenders
To his hungry desire.
As their limbs
Seek one another
He knows he would always
Belong in the arms of this
Illusive creature

They dance in unison
To the rhythm of their love
As one
All senses alive
They reach their crescendo…
He wakes in sweat
His heart still beating
He reaches out for her
She is gone…
She was only a dream
Leaving an emptiness
In his heart, his life.

With a long sigh
He turns on his side
And watches his woman
Sleep in his bed, by his side
This is his truth…
While she visits him only
In his dreams now…


  1. Wow!! Very sensual...and with such a sad ending...enjoyed reading it!!

  2. I am so moved by this touching tale of heart break and despair. Life is so complicated, sad and hopeless at times but it is also unpredictable and full of love and hope. Loved your poem, my Outlier..

  3. Hi. Visiting from Networked Blogs. I am your newest follower. I look forward to reading your blog. This poem was beautiful.
    Please stop by and visit mine.

  4. Wow, how moving! I guess I really didn't expect that ending and it touched my soul. Great writing!

  5. HI Monica, thank you so much. I am just about to visit your blog.

  6. Manna for the soul...woman you rawk !!!

  7. Rims....Soul touching ...i could feel each word coming from the heart !!!

  8. Fantastic Rimly - sometimes this actually becomes the reality of life - how sad is that???

  9. Rimly,I love your poems,they kind of take me else where..and can actually visualize myself..but I love you more...I am so happy to see you writing..

  10. Thank you Satwinder. Kriti I love your comments and look forward to them always

  11. Wonderful depiction of relationship, stagnation, love and hope.

  12. Indeed very sensual yet so poignant. Loved it Rimly.

  13. Evocative yet sad. I really enjoyed reading it.

  14. Thank you all for your encouraging comments.

  15. Rimly this was just beautiful yet so sad...i hate sad endings......I like ppl to be happy always!!!! Loved it dear!!! Love Seema

  16. Thanks Seema. Nobody likes sad endings but life is not always about happy endings. You may have sad endings but the trick is to be happy despite it. What do you say?:))))