Saturday, March 9, 2013

6 Word Memoir

Blogplicity has been a part of me since I joined the blogging world in 2011 and thanks to Corinne  who has always made me feel so wanted and welcome. She has been inviting me to join these hops but somehow I haven’t been able to (blame it on writer’s block!). I still have it, mind you! But this blog hop caught my interest and imagination! So here I am.



The cute and sweet blogger Irene Cortez  who is so wise and sensitive for her young age has passed this on to me. 

Her blog is worth a visit for all. 

Now I pass the torch to Suzy Que who pens her musings in her blog

Please do visit and find out what her 6 Word Memoir is on 11th March. I sure am waiting for it!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012



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It wobbles…
Once steadfast
Now falling apart
On the brink of breaking…

The sound of cracking
Reverberates in her soul,
Memories of its careful
Nurturing haunting her
A vain attempt…

Angry blood gushes
Filling her senses…
She can almost
Taste its bitter vileness,
Its poison coursing
Through every vein and pore,
Putrid and dark…
Impaling and deadening…
A stake through her soul

She watches…
Turning cold and numb
She waits …
For the onslaught to end
Out of control…

The silence of dying
Its yawning jaws
Snapping her,
As it engulfs her
In its hellish fury…

She claws and scratches
Searching for the pieces
Of her lost heart…
Rot and decay
Slip through her desperate fingers
She slumps amidst
The ravaging inferno...
Eyes hollow
Her heart dead
Lost forever…

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sometimes I wish….

Sometimes I wish….

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Sometimes I wish
My mystical nights last forever…
The dark emblazoned by
The humming stars,
The clouds waltzing
To the tunes of the gentle breeze,
The night creatures
Silent spectators…
When we cross over
Fusing as one
On the milky- way,
Stringing our dreams
With silver threads
Borrowed from the moon,
Etching colorful patterns
From pieces of sparkling stars
While the soothing wind
Sells our dreams
To the glowing darkness…
Guardians of our secret.
We dance and play
On the divine path
Fingers intertwined
Like children,
Happy and gleeful…
Oblivious to the cold truth
The inevitable dawn
The magical night fades
To resurrect once more
Waiting, holding its breath…
How I wish the night was
Mine to keep…

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is This Love?

Is This Love?

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She sighs, she purrs
A sated proud feline…
As she lay languid
And regal,
A diva in full glory…
A tremulous smile
Plays on her full lips
As his gentle fingers
Strum and transform
Every scar, every ugly memory
Into a thing of beauty
To behold!
His hungry lips explore
Her undulating contours
Unraveling her mystery
As she surrenders…
She sighs, she purrs
The outside din
A symphony to her ears
His whispers of love
Burning and sizzling
As she twirls and glides
To their fiery passion
The walls that caved once
Now tell tales of opulence
She is a queen…
Her heart flutters
Like wings,
Ready to soar to
The deep unknown
As it traverses realms
To be one with him…
She sighs, she purrs
And wonders…
Is this love?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012



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Pictures of you
Haunt me…
Smiling, frowning, laughing,
They tell me
Stories of what was
Of desires, longings lost and gone…
My eyes search yours
And always the same questions
Torment my heart…
Why me? Why you?
Turmoil singe my inside…
I feel a prisoner
Banished to the hellish gallows
Of lost dreams,
Trapped and damned
Tied to an eternal wrack
I try to rise above the
Heart wrenching pain…
Scrambling and scratching
Up the walls of my
Damp and cold dungeon
Nails torn and bleeding…
At times the light above
Clears my sullied vision
And I breathe easy
Hope seems not a distant dream
I sit for endless hours
Weaving fantasy and reality
Into a fine bright tapestry,
Intertwined with motifs of love,
Laughter, bliss and ecstasy…
My journey less tiresome
Then that trigger again…
A voice, a thought, a memory,
A song, a smell…
Plunges me into my hell
My hunger, my longing, my desire
Like gadflies drive me insane
As I scream and wail
With no respite in sight
Why? I cry fruitless tears,
Knowing there are no answers
You are gone for always
And so have I…

Thursday, August 23, 2012



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My wasted, weary dreams
Lie scattered like petals
Around me…
Some fresh and crisp
Some crushed
Others torn and shriveled…
I look up at the expansive sky
Generous and engulfing
And beseech for strength…
The desire to collect them,
These carelessly strewn carcasses,
Throb and pulsate…
I long to gather them,
Hold them close to my heart
And weave another tapestry,
Another patchwork of longing
Frail and incomplete
Futile without you…
I gaze at the hopeless scatterings
Wanting yet holding back,
While the wind
Blows them away
No longer mine…
The shadows of agony
As the beaming sun
Smiles down upon my
Eager face…
Renewing me
For another day,
Another bunch of
 Fresh dreams…

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Friday Moment

A Friday moment, a single photo, no words – capturing the week or day or experiences. A simple or extraordinary moment.
This moment is a ritual found on   Life – Inspired by the Wee Man, Adopted from Soulemama. Which was introduced to me by my fellow bloggers. If you find yourself touched by a moment, and would like to participate, post your picture on a Friday and leave your link in the comment section, so I can visit your “Moment.”

Ready for action!