Monday, April 25, 2011


How often we hear people say “I’ll be there when you need me” and how often do we say the same to someone? Do we always follow through? Out of ten people maybe an odd one or two are really there when we need them in our hour of need. And those are really precious friends that are worth treasuring. It’s almost become a clichéd line nowadays. I think people feel pompous and superior about themselves when they say “Don’t worry, I’ll be there” but they are nowhere in sight when you really need them. It’s almost like saying “Hey I am in a far better place and I know what you are going through, so holler if you need me”.
The following lines are a figment of my imagination, a rather extreme case scenario. But truth is when you trust someone and when you need that someone and he or she is not there for you, you “die” a little, heartbroken. But you cannot lose the faith and the hope.

The grey asphalt turns crimson
As she lay there…
Her twisted body
Wasting and bleeding.
Her heart pumping
The last remnants
Of her blood
While her mind
Grapples between
The life that remains by a thread
And her undying belief…
“He will be here, I need him now”
Hope like the last frayed tendons
Clinging on to her battered bones
Cannot give up…
He promised…
The crowd gathers around
Panic and fear written on their faces
Her eyes search for that one face
That one voice…
“I’ll be there baby”
The tendons are snapping away
Like elastic…
Hope is slipping away
As she is fading
A lone tear slides down
“Where is he?”
She cries in silence…
Her eyelids are heavy
They need to shut
One last time…
The crowd suddenly parts
She sees him through
Her tears and haze
He reaches out to her
“I am here baby”
As his teardrops fall
On her bruised face
She looks at him
With love and tenderness
Her eyes finally close
And a blissful smile
Stays planted on her lips
Hope and Faith
Triumphing once again

I leave you with a link to one of my favorite songs… Mariah Carey’s “I’ll be there”


  1. there was a point in my life when i truly needed someone...i lost hope... my faith was tested...but love stayed...

    God gave me the best person who supported me throughout these dark days... my mom...

    i love your poem rimly...

  2. I know you know that God never lets us down. In the end we all find our hopes. I am glad you have in your mom someone you can always trust and love. Thank you Melissa

  3. Rimly,

    Thank you for this poem it hits home on some levels.
    Faith is what is in order. correct?

  4. Yea.. such friends are rarest of the rare.. this poem justified fully the practicality behind the words- faith , love & hope..

  5. You will always have someone,Rimly...never feel let down,you are worth much more than anyone can ever find out...beautiful words..

  6. I am so glad that he was there when she really needed him. Love happy endings, true friends and soul-mates never give up on each other.
    Keep the faith and keep smiling,beautiful girl...

  7. lovely can do wonder when you are not yourself...if someone has faith in never let them as well as yourself down....

    if you have a faith in always seek him/her even you know there is no one near know not physically but somewhere he/she will be there for you...

    U are amazing writer...i already read your two poems...u amazed me with every post...

    keep writing dear...

  8. Rimly, that is why having faith matters. And this is one reason I cannot be an atheist. Whom will I call and look up to when man betrays.

    Liked your poem and the message it spells "Hope and Faith/Triumphing once again"

    Joy always,

  9. Rimly I have faith in your ability to tell a story with such grace and dignity

  10. Rimly, such an expressive poem. It is difficult for anyone to be left totally alone, without faith, love, or hope. Sometimes, that is all one is left with, their life being a blank slate. This is when I feel that God carries me through my darkest moments in life. When I am safe, He puts me back on my feet and lets me begin again, making my way.

  11. Yes, I've had a few in my life, one especially, who always announced "you can count on me" and, sadly, they always let me down. I Do say it to others, and I mean it to the best of my abilities. Thanks for the poem.

  12. hope keeps us alive when love faith and peace surrenders. time seals the fear and brings backs again all the four together. in times of dismay God keeps us rolling and supporting by gifting at least one dearest on earth who protects us in darker times.

    she is one of the luckiest to have her beloved as her savior.

    the poem is just awesome.

  13. faith and hope, independent yet complimentary-the yin and yang of existance. and really life is unexciting sans them.

    beautiful Rims....loved it.

  14. wow... really! I just put on a song on YouTube called Climbing up the Walls yet the line that came on in the song when first reading this was, "I'll be there!" over and over again... spooky.

    Now back to your post... umm it's ok...

    LOL NO it's brilliant as always


  15. Hello Rimly:

    I suppose that it's only one's Soul and God that is always there. There is the rare human being who one can depend on, but these odd ones are few and far inbetween.

    I think that the problem is in the demand that others supply our needs. I for one am an odd one and quite happy when alone with mySelf not that I do not enjoy the company of others at times. I learned in my early 20's that if I needed an emotion that it was always best to create love or happiness within myself and then I can always have it. This worked for me.

    As always, you express yourself in words quite well--no, very well.

    Take care,

    Take care,

  16. From experience I found that people always say "I will be there for you" but when you need them they are not. Your poem is very expressive! Well done.

  17. I am oh so glad this story had a happy ending. It is tough to always be there for people when they need you, but we shouldn't be so quick to throw that phrase around either. xo

  18. What a lovely sad but oddly happy ending. Truly beautiful. I have found that the only ones who are there are the ones who never say they will be, they just show up and surprise you with their presence.

  19. People always make empty promises or they fail to deliver on the vow if serious. It's very hard to find real friends as we age because of adult responsibilities, etc but when one if found, they should be cherished. Beautiful poem!!

  20. @Jessica, yes hope and faith are a must for us to live life and not just exist. Thank you for dropping by. xoxo
    @Monu, I am glad I could express what it is to have faith and hope and above all love through my verse. Thank you so much for your comment.
    @ Alpana, hello beautiful friend. Thank you.
    @Sulekha, my ever optimistic Outlier, thank you for being there in my life, giving me hope
    @Hema, thank you my dear for your encouraging comment
    @Susan, joy to you too always. You are right, we need to have faith in something or someone to keep us strong.

  21. @Jim thank you for having the faith in me.
    @Mary we all need it...have faith in God, have faith in ourselves. I am glad you have that in God to pull you through dark days. Thank you.
    @BornStoryteller I hope we can always keep our promises of being there when someone needs us. Thank you
    @Sancheeta so true nothing like having your beloved till the end, to make your hope, faith and love stronger in you. Thank you
    @Rimjhim thank you for always saying such beautiful things about my poems.

  22. Alejandro, spooky, dizzy, sneezing....what else? LOL! Thank you my dear friend for saying such lovely things about my poems even though you keep saying you dont understand poems.

  23. Thank you Mike. You are so right...happiness and love are within us and from these too all other emotions follow. Thank you for your comment.

  24. hey just read your comment on my post...R went missing? that must have been awful. i am so glad he is safe, with you and thriving. God Bless.

  25. Thank you Nelieta, Jenni, Rachel and David.

  26. Dear Rimly,
    If you know, he still loves you and you love him too. You must go back to him.... nothing else matters. Take this step forward, before it's too late.

  27. It is hard for me to reach out to others. I do not feel they understand, or even want to. I feel as if they are just trying to be nice. It is also hard for me to be there for others because often I do not related and it makes it hard. So, I use the internet to find like minded souls where we can related and understand each other.

  28. Hi Chrystal I hope in me you find a like minded soul. I am glad I visited your blog. Following you now. God bless. xoxo

  29. You just keep hitting home runs... Rimly you tell such a story with your words in the theater of our minds. I have found that people will be there not all but someone will be there when you need them, we just need to let them in!!! Wonderfully written!!!!!

  30. Thank you Jim. It is great to see you commenting on my old poems.

  31. this was beautiful. and heart-breaking, even though he came.
    respect! for you lady

  32. Thank you Terry. I dont know why your poem reminded of mine.

  33. Hi Rimly, we all need our someone to be there. Sometimes we are hesitant to ask. Us who have our someone besides us everyday are the truly lucky ones!!

    1. I know Jim. The very fortunate ones have their loved ones besides them. This is your third comment on this poem. I just love it that you have the third time to read it and comment