Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pitter - Patter Afternoon

The sky booms,
A flash of light
Streaks the grey sky
The welcome pitter patter
Quenches the
Sun baked earth
Gaia is appeased…
Her earthy smell
Fills the damp air
Promising new life
As every crack
Become tiny rivulets,
A birth prepares to
Burst forth with zeal…
A nameless bud
Or a succulent
Tender shoot.
The green strokes
Are greener
As each leaf and foliage awash,
Adorn a fresh
New look
A palpable rejuvenation
Throbs in them
While the vibrant blossoms
Nod at each other
As a light breeze
Carry their fragrant essence
I sit once again
By my window
I breathe in the freshness
And come alive.
In the distant
The thunder rumbles
And I wish…
Oh how I wish
You were here
On this glorious afternoon
To witness what I see…
This divine masterpiece!


  1. As is your post a divine masterpiece.

    Cheers A

  2. It is funny I was just outside in my yard looking at the new blooms coming up out of the ground.. it is a beautiful morning here and I came inside to find this wonderful ode to nature..Well done Rimly

  3. Thank you A. Its beautiful here. Everything is fresh and crisp.

  4. Thank you Jim as always. Loved you latest pictures.

  5. These are the times when you miss that special someone the most ...why does rain , aroma of wet earth arouse in us such passions ....always made me wonder ;-)

  6. Rimly, this brought tears to my eyes while I read it. It made me think of my mom who I lost in 1995. We pampered a flower garden and rejoiced in it's rebirth each spring. One of the many things I miss doing with her, but I'm sure she has a beautiful garden where she is now:)
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Isn't it strange,Rimly,it rained a lot today...I was sitting outside just now looking at the newly washed garden..and now I read this beautiful creation of yours....beautiful Rimly.

  8. Creation sings out the glory of God and the love that He has for us with each vibrant shoot of grass and tender leaf. What a beautiful poem.

  9. This was beautiful,Rimly. Mother Nature is fascinating and captivating and you have caught that essence in your poem.

  10. Awesome awesome... It rained here too... I was remembering all that while i was getting wet today... Hehehe.. :D GREAT POST DEAR...

  11. lovely, it made me yearn for the monsoons....

  12. Love the sound of rain on the pavements and the refreshing smell of it as it pours during a hot day

  13. same here just needs to warm up a bit. LOL lovely poem thank you and god bless

  14. @Frane I dont really know what it is about the smell of wet earth that stirs something in us.Thank you
    @Mary I am sure wherever your mom is she is tending a beautiful garden.Thank you
    @Alpana thanks ton. I think it is raining in many places here in India
    @Jessica thank you. Isn't there something miraculous and magical about summer rains?

  15. @Eva thank you for your beautiful comment.
    @Sumit great to see you here after a long gap and equally happy to see your comment. Thank you
    @Sukanya, it is Bihu and rains must come like every Bihu. It is lovely here.
    @Savira likewise, love the rains too. Especially the coastal monsoons in Goa and Kerala
    @Roy thank you. I know what you mean too much rain can be quite dampening.

  16. Beautiful post. Made me teary eyed as I thought about Erin, oh how she loved being outdoors amongst nature. The earth is so precious and brings out human emotions like no other, you certainly are bringing out our emotions thru your words. Lovely words!!

  17. Rimly,
    You are such a gifted poetry writer. Spring time is a beautiful season on to hold and embrace during winter and summer.

  18. Very nice, Rimly! Loved the imagery of the spring storm, then the ending tied in the meaning. ;-)

  19. ummer rains..summer brings peace with it...As always...XOXOXO

  20. Lovely place I just went to. Thank you..

  21. Hello dear:

    Well done. A beautiful and lovely poem.

    Kind regards,
    Living at the top of the world, where Heaven meets Earth.

  22. bellissima rimly... oh how i wish i could smell the earth after it rains too... it's quite hot here :P rain hasn't visited us yet...

    i dwelt on your poem for's your heart that speaks...

  23. A beautiful poem - I love the sense of longing at the end. "Oh how I wish you were here...."

  24. @David if you think I am bringing out the emotions through my writing then that's the best compliment I could get ever. Thank you my friend.
    @Jessica thank you so much. Spring is the best of all seasons with everything fresh and crisp
    @Sweepyjean thank you. It's an honor getting a comment from a poetess like you.
    @Bonnie thank you
    @@Jan it's great to see you you here. Thank you for commenting

  25. Melissa it has been raining a lot here. The air feels fresh and clean. Thank you

  26. Mari, thank you. It was just that kind of beautiful day that you want to share with someone special.

  27. "while the vibrant blossoms nod at each other" - I love that line! We rarely get rain strong enough to make the flowers nod here. :)

  28. Rachel thank you so much. Here the rains can be pretty scary too.

  29. This is beautiful, I love how each line is so short and yet leaves such a huge imprint.

    What is my reaction ? FOLLOW! FOLLOW! FOLLOW!

    Looking forward to more amazing work :)