Friday, April 22, 2011

The Cord

The scalpel glistens…
I lay in a room
Of white dazzling lights
Screaming voices in my head
“Cut it! Sever it now!
This leads nowhere!”
While another…
“Hold on! Don’t give up!
There may be hope!
Perhaps a miracle…”
Angry words hurled…
Arguments buzzing…
My mind reeling…
As each crave for control.
A third that of
Despair and Helplessness
Weeps in silence
Caught between the two
I scurry from one to the other
Wanting and yet not
The shining blade
Rising amidst the chaos…
Hope cajoles and pleads…
Reason is ruthless…
And Despair cries, confused
The sharp blade comes down
In one fell swoop!
Reason wins…
I brace for the impact
The excruciating pain
Before numbness sets in…
A jolt and a start!
I wake in my bed
Heart beating
Breath coming in gasps
Bathed in sweat
As realization dawns
The cord remains…
The one that holds me to you…


  1. Despair and Helplessness
    Weeps in silence Love I always love your writings...I would love to collaborate with you one of my images and your words

  2. Thank you Jim. I will be honored!

  3. just beautiful thank you and god bless

  4. Thank you so much Roy. God bless you too

  5. Vivid powerful words...Love it

  6. can't hide my feelings after going through this.. I felt goosebumps while reading this.. You are an outstanding writer.. hats off Rimly! :)

  7. Monu great to have you here and comment. Thank you so much

  8. OMGGGGGGGGG would love to know what is behind these words....I have meaning behind the cord....As always...XOXOXO

  9. Bonnie it is always the struggle to let go or not but somehow the cord seems stronger than what i think. Thank you.

  10. Rimly,

    I found this poem really disturbing. I agree with Bongo Girl. What is really going on?????

    If you need anything give me a shout.


  11. Reason dint win afterall... did it? :))))
    Loved it Rimly!!

  12. No it didn't Sheba. Reason lost and Hope won.

  13. Hi Rimly,
    Very well expressed the pain , it felt so real.
    the scene right there.
    loved the rhythm with and flow of words , as always amazing

    Loved it

    take care
    Enjoy weekend.

  14. Gave me the chills, Rimly!!! You have a way with words ... Awesome as always!!!

  15. i always attribute the cord to my mom ..and with my relationship with God...

    the first is associated with comfort and succorance... the shears are the decisions i make... it means independence... standing on my own...

    the second is associated with love... the shears are the sins i commit...

    the difference lies on the fact that biologically, my cord has to be cut from my mom... naturally, because i grow up...

    instead the cord i have with God, even though cut has the power to tie it up again and again through reconciliation... the tie becomes short but it also signifies that i become closer to Him... with Him tying the knot over and over again...

    while reading your poem, it's the same feelings i have when my cord is cut...

    very very good rimly... expressive as always... i feel your poem ;)

  16. Rimly..a masterpiece....seriously,what may come..I can never even think like you do,because this is par excellence...

  17. Excellent. phenomenal writer. Loved everything about it.

  18. Good that you woke up and saw your situation in a healthy light.

    By the way, Happy Easter.

    Kind regards,

  19. Wow Rimly! What a powerful poem! The meaning I got from it is a bit scary :(

  20. Rimly - you really do take my breath away. This was just fantastic - unbelievably so - I want to read it again and again and again.

  21. Whatever I say will pale in comparison to what you have penned down, My Outlier. Loved it and am glad that hope won, let it always win. You deserve the best and you will get it. Have faith my friend.

  22. hope is priceless...your poem more than indicates it... the wrestle and the struggle before hope triumphs is a leitmotif of not just your writing but of most of our fraught lives. Rimly, you speak from the soul and you touch a deep chord inside me... you bring around meaning to this life

  23. Thank you so much everyone. I know some of you are a bit confused. We all picture an umbilical cord when we think of a cord. But I think you are attached to so many things and people through different kinds of cords. Sometimes some cords bring a lot of pain and some a lot of happiness and while some have no future, it is just there, not really painful nor giving you happiness. I tried to write something in that line. I love you all for all your comments. Thank you once again

  24. Rakhee so good to see you here. you too touched a deep cord in me. We must meet up. Thank you for you meaningful comment.

  25. the last line actually thrusts upon a beautiful ray of hope! Beautifully penned it in one breath and than twice for it to sink in...
    incidentally..wen i read abt this disorder called 'self harm or injury' ..i too was deeply touched and wrote a post on it..heres the link -
    although i ended this one on a sad note!


  26. Sarah I just checked your post. It was very powerful. I really imagined the whole scene as I read it. Thank you for your comment. My severing was more metaphorical though, more like letting go of people in your life.

  27. Oooof you had me holding my breath....fantastic read as always....

  28. excellent piece of work...

    We all are live On Hope, Love...and yeah the Cord...

    loved your post..I m following you..want to read you more...

    great poetess...

  29. Hema thank you so much. Loved your comment. Really encourages me to write more

  30. Rimly, you are an amazing writer. This one kept me on the edge of my seat!Love it.


  31. Thank you Mari. I guess it started off pretty scary. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments always