Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Mere Shadow

A Mere Shadow….

Beads of emotions…
Countless tiny pearly beads 
Burst forth…
The seams of my heart tear
As they spill all around me
Scattered and lost
You gather me in your arms
Picking as many…
Strewn glistening beads
Cooing words…
Of love and comfort
As you try stringing
Them patiently,
While my kohl smeared eyes
Weeps in silence
A momentary calm
Fleeting rays of sunshine
Seep in
The darkness within…
But then again
The gnawing ache throbs
That one lone bead of pain
Stays lodged in my heart
Spreading its poison
My heart is black and blue
Numb and cold
A receptacle of sadness
I have become a
Mere shadow
Of what I had been…


  1. The only thing that never leaves you on a sunny day is your shadow. Love it, hold it. caress it!


  2. Rimly,
    This is a very very sad poem, yet beautifully written

  3. Dislodge that bead from your heart and smile again.Always keep hope alive in your heart,life is beautiful and so are you my friend....don't worry,be happy...I believe in miracles :)

  4. that one lone bead of pain is the cause of the beauty you have stringed in your poem. your shadow is very creative. i respect you for that.

  5. Hey A dont take me literally every time I post a poem!! I love my shadow! Thanks for the comment

  6. Thank you my Outlier. Love you for your optimism

  7. beautifly tragic, touching thank you.

  8. Beautiful Rimly,Defining you or your work would be the most arduous task for anyone in this world and for me,it's next to impossible. Sometimes, women themselves don't know how creative and unpredictable they can be! Their brilliance makes life easy, their smiles are a harbinger of joy and they are blessed with the power to create life! They are suave, they are delightful, they are mysterious...and thats you..Sweetheart

  9. As always a must read...I just love your mind and the way it works..stay well

  10. Interesting poem Rimly, taking one through a lot of emotions in a wonderfully written piece of work:)

  11. Beautiful. I hope sunnier feelings shine through as well. It's experience life and feeling it.

  12. if you've had this posted earlier, i would've strewn that lone bead to me... but then again, there was this sudden rush of calm in my soul rimly... and i took that shadow within me... accepting it as a real part of me...

  13. poem lined with sorrow and beautiful imagery...your talent shines through the darkness :)

  14. Beautifully written! Very emotional.

  15. Sad but very touching!! I can always count on being moved by your poetic words!!

  16. But… where there is much light, the shadow is deep. Keep your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.
    Love and blessings,
    ~ Debra

  17. Thank you Charles. I really appreciate your comment

  18. Alpana my beautiful friend your comments always warms my heart. Love you

  19. Thank you Jim, I hope my mind works towards the sunshine

  20. Sancheeta I love you poetic observation on most of my poems. Thank you my dear

  21. Mari thank you for your comment.

  22. Mary and Stuart thank you so much. Life is both sunshine and darkness.

  23. thank you rimly for say what little mind cannot thank you and god bless

  24. Hello Dear:

    When will you get over this guy and move on?

    When one is in the deepest sadness than one is closest to ones greatest glory. Perhaps it's time to let go and open up to new posibilities. Someone out there may be just waiting to meet a beautiful lady with the heart of a poet.

    My best wishes,
    ps: Please excuse my boldness---sometimes I just forget my good manners and say what comes to my mind.

  25. @Jessica M thank you so much
    @Melissa your calmness and peace is very much a part of you. Thank you my friend
    @David I am glad I do move you with my words. Thank you.
    @Debra I am always facing the sunshine but sometimes shadows do cross. Thank you
    @Roy thank you and God bless you.

  26. Mike I love your honesty. It is like a breath of fresh air. You know they say that you can either walk away from a situation, change it, or accept it. All tough things to do. Thank you so much for your honest comment. xoxo

  27. Yes, you are right Rimly.

    I also respect and know that only you can make that decison. Each must decide ones own path.

    Best wishes,