Sunday, January 23, 2011



As you gathered me in your gentle arms
The chaos that raged in me ceased….
Like the ebb of the tide
The tumultuous angry waves of my thoughts calmed.
Just you and that embrace
And my doubts and fears were laid to rest.
I was home again.

As you parted my hungry lips
My slumbering soul came alive…
You breathed life into me again
With those sensuous tender lips
And as I took in the nectar of our love
I was born again.

As you unfurled the petals of my being
I surrendered to our dance of ecstasy…
With our limbs intertwined
I danced in tune with your rhythmic body
And my heart soared with passion.
I was one with you again.

As we lay in each other’s arms
Spent and sated…
I etched the very essence of you in my heart
To walk me through the lost and lonely days
That would hound my emptiness.
Us, a memory once again.

Then and Now


There was a time…
I would look into your fathomless eyes
And see our world reflected
In their warm depths.
Our souls would traverse the
Spaces between us
And we would fuse as one.

There was a time…..
I would seek your tender touch
In the dark of the night
And find you next to my heart.
You would hold my hand
And lead me to the light
Of our tomorrow.

There was a time….
I would be cocooned in the silken expanse
Of your generous loving arms
And believe it could be for a lifetime.
With wings unfurled we would fly
Through strife and turmoil
To make our home, our haven.

There was a time…
I would listen to your soothing voice
As terrifying silence grip me
And would be lulled like a child.
Calmed and soothed
You and I would dream
Of a world of possibilities and hope.

Today comes a time….
Your deep eyes hold no promise.
My soul awakens still,
To your tender, magical fingers.
As my tired soul rests on your rhythmic heart
I hear its whisperings of desire,
Wanting yet tied by bonds stronger than ours.
Your words wound and break me
And all I can do is bleed….



Words, loving words
Of hope and promise
Are all they give her.
Like petals of flowers
Caressing her very core
Softly and gently,
She is carried away by them
To another world
Of dreams come true.
But they are just words
Trivial sweet nothings…

Words, compassionate words
Laced with sweet love, their words
Soothe and lull her
Gullible and believing heart.
 She is a princess
Loved and cherished,
Her soul soars to another realm
Of courage and honor,
Integrity and honesty.
But they are just words
Pitiable sweet nothings…

Words, eloquent poetic words
They all whisper to her.
She surrenders to them
Lost and hungry souls that they are...
They take her love to
Celebrate their life in its splendor
Find meaning to their
Mundane drudgery of a life.
She accepts every morsel
Believing every confession that pours forth.
But they are just words
Empty sweet nothings…                    



She stands gazing into the distant horizon
Waiting….for a glimpse.
The lashing winds from faraway lands
Murmurs to her of a love
That brings a smile to her hungry lips.
Every line etched on her face
Has a story to tell….
Tales of adventure and misadventure
Of pain and longing
Of joy and happiness
Of agony and ecstasy.

She shivers as darkness gathers around her
Remembering ….the warmth  
Of that first embrace.
Arms that had engulfed her
With her sorrows, woes and tragedies.
A lost soul, floundering
In the maze of her life
Till he showed her….
A life of love laden days
Of respect and dignity
Of promise and trust.

She listens to the rustle of falling leaves
Mocking and cackling at her
Waiting…..eternally for a promise
Given in a moment of tenderness.
Her dark luminous eyes are pools of dying embers
Hiding in their depths her buried desires and passion.
An unfaltering silhouette,
A sentry of timelessness
She waits….for him.
Months, seasons, years roll into decades…
Yet, for her the hands of time stand still,
Mourning and yet pregnant with hope
She waits…..her endless vigil.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

From the Ashes…


The ashes of their devastation
Swirl around them,
Dark and impenetrable…
The stench of burning flesh
Fill the night
Charred bones stare vacantly
What once had been life
Now lay scattered, cold and dying.
“Free at last from the horrors”
She thinks…
For a moment shackles of what had been
Tie her to him in an uncanny way,
Glimpses of joy and laughter
Of the past bind her.
Caught in a web of compassion
She looks at him,
A star that had once been
Now burnt and fallen,
And sheds a tear…

The world of make belief that was once
Lay shattered around them
Lies, deceit and blame
No longer hold the power
To bleed her…
They lay helpless, torn and twisted.
“Why” she cries out to the swirling darkness?
Silence greets her as she stands alone
Amongst the ravaged rubble.
The carnage of two lives
That had raged and ranted
Has finally died…
Picking up what is left of her soul
She takes one last look at him,
A star that had once been
Now burnt and fallen
And sheds a tear…

The road to another lonely journey
Calls out to her
She has no choice but to
Follow this strife laden new path
To ride storms yet to come.
Broken but not without spirit
She sighs as she trudges
Towards the unknown, the perilous
Holding the innocent hand of her flesh
She braces to face the strife and turmoil of life.
“Help me God” the shattered pieces of her heart
Cry out to the dark sky
The winds carry her prayer
She holds her innocent one close to her.
Remembering him once more,
A star that had once been
Now burnt and fallen,
She sheds a tear…

When I am gone

When I am gone

When I am gone…..
The music that we create you and me,
A symphony so divine and incredible
With our body and soul playing as one,
Will become nothing but an echo
That resonates through the corridors of our heart.

When I am gone…..
The love that was awakened in us
After lifetimes of loneliness and searching,
That always brought a smile on our lips
Will be sealed away in the deep recesses of our mind,
To reminisce and debate about “what ifs” on lonely days.

When I am gone….
The song that sings in our hearts,
A tune so beautiful and ethereal
That our hearts dance as one in ecstasy,
Will become frozen in time forever
That cries to be resurrected in another lifetime.

When I am gone….
The veil of ignorance that was lifted
And we rediscovered what had been lost
A love story, an ancient tale that is timeless,
Will come down for always before it begins,
And our tale carried by the winds of time to oblivion.

When I am gone….
The journey that had held a promise of togetherness,
Of golden dunes, snowy mountains, tranquil sea and exotic lands
To hold and behold as one, a fusion of two souls
Will become a weary path of a lonesome traveler
That holds no magic, no fulfillment, and no desire.

When I am gone….When I am gone…When I am gone…..