Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Love...

My love…

What is it about you my love?
That you come uninvited…
Filling my empty heart
Overwhelming my senses
When I searched not for you…

What is it about you my love?
That I want to break into
A dance, a song
A smile for everyone,
Thinking of you…

What is it about you my love?
That the colors and hues
Of my dreary world
Intensify to a riot,
Vibrant and intense…

What is it about you my love?
That I hold on to your hand
Never wanting to let go…
Wishing every moment
Never flitted away…

What is it about you my love?
That my desires and passion
Soar like an eagle
Reaching newer heights…
Exploring new dimensions in me

What is it about you my love?
That with renewed vigor
I embark on this journey
Of life, filled with strife
Without fear, without doubt…

What is it about you my dearest love?
That enwrapped in your arms
I feel rested and peaceful
At last…

Sunday, November 20, 2011



The icy wind lashes…
She stands bracing
As it stings her eyes,
Teeth chattering,
Bones cold to the marrow,
She waits…
Rubbing her hands
For that illusive warmth
Her mind seized
With anxiousness,
An impending disappointment
Looms heavily in the air…
The dark shadowed mountains
Wait, watching silently
Vigilant like her
For the story to unfold…

The fog of uncertainty
As darkness swallows
Her lonesome self…
Every waiting moment ticking
Seems like a heavy
Crushing lifetime…
Her still warm heart
Telling her to believe…
He will come
But fear lurks
 Stealthily biding, to consume her
Somewhere in the dark
A howl shatters the
Cold dark night…
Is it an animal?
Or did that inhuman
Wail escape from her
Tormented soul?

She shivers…
Hope and Doubt
Dance in tandem
In desperation she holds on
To happy memories
Of them…
But as time trudges…
Her wavering heart
Gives way
Till not a flicker of light
It is plunged in darkness
Numbed and chilled
She looks for him
In the swirling distance
One last time…
Emptiness beckons her
And she turns away

A presence….
Strong warm fingers
Intertwines her cold
Listless ones….
Startled a moan
Escapes her cold lips
Disbelieving and believing
She is drawn towards
A heart beating for her…
He smiles
His love filled eyes crinkling…
She lays her head
On his expansive heart
Finally resting her weary soul…
Alone no more

Tuesday, November 15, 2011



I was given this award by Jan Neel in September and though I told her I would respond to it at the earliest, I didn't. I was hibernating. Thank you Jan, for this second award. Jan writes two blogs and as I have come to know her through her blogs, I respect her more and more for her indomitable spirit and her talent as a photographer. She is brilliant! To see her pictures, please visit Jan also has another blog where she shares her mother's skills as a photographer.

From what I gathered this award is all about love and like with every award I need to pass this on to five talented bloggers. The following rules are to not to be broken!!!!

1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you this by linking back to their post.
2. Reveal your top five blog picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
3. Post the award on your blog
4. Bask in the love of the most supportive people on the internet - other writers
5. Best of all have fun and spread the karma

The winners:


I am not going to introduce these amazing bloggers. It is for you to go and read their blogs and be inspired.

Today I was the recipient of another award. Only a sensitive and wonderful human being like Roy Durham could have thought this award Vivat Jesus (Love lives, Jesus lives). Thank you so much Roy.

Now I need to pass on this award to some deserving bloggers. There are many but I have chosen to give to some blogs that I have started visiting and enjoy reading what they write.

Corrine Rodrigues

That is all for today my blogger friends. Keep those awards going. Once again thank you Jan Neel and Roy Durham.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


 Poe-A-Tree Hop

Roy Durham is author of Roy's Garage Sell and Auction.  He also is the creator of the Poe-a-tree Hop.  This Hop's theme is 'Rose, the flower of Love'.
If you would like to participate, jump in and be sure to leave your link at Roy's site on his linky tool so we can all enjoy your contribution!


I was a bud
Ready to blossom
Unfurling to the world
Innocent and naïve
Pleasure was mine
To give and receive

Then one day
Along came my love
Your touch,
Your gentle hands
Sent me on a pirouette
I bloomed
In all my glory and splendor
Crimson intensified…
I shimmered and swayed
To your every move
I was the rose
Whole and complete
You were mine
The world was mine

Till a day came
You let go…
As I fell from my heaven
To become one with
The dust
I withered and shrunk
My petals, my pride
Faded and crumbled
My cries lost in the wind
I lay there in my agony
Hoping and wishing
To be scooped again
In arms gentle and warm
To be born again
And fulfill my destiny