Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our Truth...Soul Mates

Let's make a collage of articles.



You are invited to my collage making event. All you need to bring to the event is your article on soul mates. Do you believe in soul mates? How and where can you find your soul mate? Does everyone have one?

If you are interested in helping me make this collage, then Please leave your name and blog link at the bottom of the page, before 7th September.


Soul mates, my favorite topic…I had to add to this collage and especially when it comes from someone so dear a friend as Sulekha.


Our silence speaks
From its very depth
Words rendered speechless
“Who are you?”
Hesitant, tremulous
A question…
That is an answer
As my eyes seek yours
The din, the fury
The restlessness
Scurry to a dark corner
The air is electrifying
Yet with a sense of calm…
Your eyes look into
The core of my soul…
Stirring and awakening
Emotions lost in
The dusty corridors of time
Memories like a deluge
Overwhelm my senses
Stoking the flames of
My tormented soul
Healing and soothing…
A veil of forgetfulness
Lifts to reveal the last
Piece of the puzzle of my life
Recognitions dawns…
As your hands reaches out
To take mine
Our truth, the only truth
Washes over me
You are me and
I am you….

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