Tuesday, April 24, 2012



Photo: Google Images

The dusk awaits patiently,
Neither here nor there…
For the comforting night,
Not far behind…
Like me…
I am dusky like the
Bewildered dusk
I wait for the
Enveloping darkness,
Tired of the ambiguities
Of my life…
Always somewhere between
Neither here nor there
In a limbo with you…
You say you love me
I am the dusk…
Do you see the darkness?
That lurks…
Stealthily waiting…
To plunge me into
A bottomless pit?
Or do you see the light?
I show to you and the world
Hiding my woes and lost dreams?
A fa├žade nearly perfected.
I am dusky…
Suspended in between
Wanting to surrender to you…
Yet restraining the reins
Of my passion…
Do you know me?
This shadowy self…
I wait to be on the other shore
Fair or dark perhaps…
What would you choose?
If only partially…
For giving yourself
Was never your intention…
I am the dusk…
A duality…
Know me
I am to you what I portray…
Never the whole
Part light
Part dark
Always unfathomable,

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Friday Moment

A Friday moment, a single photo, no words – capturing the week or day or experiences. A simple or extraordinary moment.
This moment is a ritual found on   Life – Inspired by the Wee Man, Adopted from Soulemama. Which was introduced to me by my fellow bloggers. If you find yourself touched by a moment, and would like to participate, post your picture on a Friday and leave your link in the comment section, so I can visit your “Moment.”

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a pup strong, healthy and naughty.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Blooming Bud

A Blooming Bud

You were the blooming bud
So young, so fresh
Pure and innocent…
You were the fresh whiff
Illusive, clean
That lingers long after…
You came in unannounced
Without a knock
I embraced you
You would be gone…

Your soulful eyes
Your radiant smile
Your childlike laughter
Swim before my drained eyes
Almost teasing…
I spend endless nights
Wishing you had held my hand
I would have walked
The path of roses and thorns
With you…
Comforting when you bled
Celebrating the fragrance
That waft momentarily
Refreshing, rejuvenating…
But my stretched hand
Seemed not visible
And you lost your way
You hurt
Your bleeding heart
Turned crimson…
You forgot in your pain
Colors of hope
Are not far behind
The piercing thorns…