Monday, April 25, 2011


 Honored Yet Again By Jim Brandano 

I told Jim the other day that we have a mutual admiration society here. I follow his blog religiously and he never misses to visit mine and leave a comment. So when he said he wanted me to write something to go with his picture I was taken aback. I was thrilled and felt honored. I was not sure I would be able to write something because most of what I write is what I feel. I cannot write unless I am touched by something. I was anxious to see what Jim had in mind, what kind of picture he would send. But the moment I saw the picture I fell in love with it. The first thought that came to my mind was Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and the wedding of Titania and Oberon. The picture had such a dream like quality to it that I wrote the poem effortlessly. Thank you Jim for believing I could write something for your photo. I hope I have been able to do justice to Jim’s photo of Antonio and Wendy. This is also a tribute to them and their soon to be born baby. God bless you.You can see the post in Jim's blog too (

A mid summer’s night…
Above the sky like a cape
Is adorned with thousands
Of twinkling gems…
The moon looks down
As pure and white
Like never before…
The forest is alive tonight.
Silky winged fairies
Light the forest night
With their tiny wands
Every bush and shrub
Glow with a magical sheen
With tiny lanterns
Hung by elves…
The air is filled
With the sweet scent
Of blossoms that
Dance to the
Sway of the trees
Every creature
Every living being
Await in awe…
She glides towards him
Her Antonio
Handsome and regal
She is Wendy
In her gossamer gown
Beautiful almost ethereal
Their eyes meet…
The moment is electrifying
A hush descends…
Only the tinkle of bells
As they are gently
Caressed by the faint breeze
And in the distance
The strings of a harp
Strum this magical night
He takes her in his arms
And as his lips descend
On her upturned mouth
The world is enraptured
As it witnesses
Another union…
Another coming together of one
In mind, body and soul
Of two lovers


  1. ok again perfect in both senses... lol

    Getting dizzy here


  2. when two beautiful minds merge into one, it gives birth to a VERSATILE creation.

  3. Thank you A. Dizzy with the romance or what? :)))

  4. Sancheeta it was really an honor to be writing something for Jim's photo. Thank you

  5. Thank you Stuart. Great to see you here.

  6. Rimly what a wondrous feeling of love and romance!! It's magical. And the photograph is beautiful.

  7. Rimly...a masterpiece..a creation I will want to cherish are THE BEST...And I am so happy to see yo get what you deserve...

  8. Thank you Eva. Writing this I missed the romance in my life. Lol!

  9. Alpana thank you so much. You are a great writer too, that writes with her heart.

  10. and Jim must be happy now that he asked you to write on did so well....beautiful !!!

  11. Stunning! That is an inspiring photo of Jim's and your words make it real. Beautiful work from you both!

  12. Perfect combo of Jim's Photography and Rimly's beautiful Words....loved it...truly a fairy tale..

  13. was doing many things at the same time... but my heart is always focused on someone as i read the poem... gazed at the couple... and listened to this... fairy tale's so complete rimly...

    God please make it come true...

  14. Melissa you are so full of love, compassion and faith that your dream will come true and your happiness will be doubled...that is the law of love. Love you.

  15. Mari thank you so much. It was a real honor writing something for Jim's photo. That picture was a dream!

  16. Hema I felt like one of those fairies while writing for this photo. Thank you so much for your lovely comment

  17. Lovely poem! Fits the picture perfectly : )

  18. how romantic! the way your words supported the picture is something like 'made for each other' cheers.. :)

  19. Thank You so very much Rimly, you have taken my image and turned it into a dream. Your words touched me and as you can tell many others. Your soul may cry but your heart sings.

  20. Rimly, I saw this on Jim's site and it is absolutely beautiful! Putting the two together was a brilliant idea :)

  21. wow! thats all i have to say. Both picture and words.

  22. Thank you Monu. Jim and I have a mutual admiration society so I guess this poem and his photo do go very well.

  23. Jim thank you! You made it possible by believing I could spin a tale around your beautiful photo. I am an incorrigible romantic so I guess even when my soul cries my heart cannot stop singing.

  24. Mary thank you so much. I am so glad all you liked it so much.

  25. My 2 favorite bloggers in one post - what else can one ask for. Can I just say the pic and the poem are just made for each other... Lovely Rimly - really dream like : )