Sunday, July 17, 2011

Poe-A-Tree Hop...LOST

Hey another Poe-A-Tree Hop!

Well here we are going again, just hopping all over the world.  As you may know the last hop we were looking at the rainbows. Saw some mighty pretty ones two.  But to have a rainbow you need a little rain. So this time, get you a box of Kleenex or a supply of crying towels cause were going to have a down pour of tears causing poem and tear jerking story for you to read. As you dry your eyes please leave a sympathy note in the comments. There a list of blogs that is participating in this hop below the poem and or story.  Have fun and cry your eyes out you will feel better. It’s good for you, Mikey like it.  


A lone tear trailed,
His sad eyes
Cried silently...
A long journey
A lonely path
Of love falling apart
As it made its way
Down his tormented face…
I stood watching
Blinded by my own
My heart heaving
As cascades of
Pearly, weeping tears
Stung my face
He was a man…
Giving into crying
Something alien
But that grey day
His cracked heart
A sparkling gem
Precious and invaluable
Escaped its prison
And trickled down
Containing in its
Crystal bubble
Volumes of pain,
Sadness and loss.
I look back now
And wish I had
Saved that gem
Stopped its course
Captured it in a bottle
A priceless pearl…
Crystallized in time forever
But I floundered
In my grief,
As the tiny drop
Splashed on his
Heavy chest
Lost forever…
One last look
At his otherwise
Stoic face
Now rife with
Unspoken emotions,
I walked away
Sacrificing love
At the altar of tears.

Participating blogs: click on one and make the hop to another puddle of tears.
In no particle order:


  1. M Real men do cry :) I have cried many times for loss of a loved one, loss of one I thought I loved,a sad movie ( Brian's Song would still make me cry) and from being very happy on my wedding day!!
    As always well written

  2. You just took my breath away, I wanted to reach and touch that face and wipe the tears away x

  3. kleanx please that was just beautiful. there have many time i would love to have capture a tear and save it forever. love this thought. great poem , very well done thank you and god bless

  4. This is really beautiful Rimly! I got tears in my eyes.

  5. Beautiful touching words from a talented writer!! Real men do cry as I've stated many times before and if a tear is a priceless pearl then I'm very wealthy. Love how the woman watched this unfold from afar and was deeply moved. Love your view on tears, keep up the good work!!!

  6. His tear made me cry, such a sensational poem my dear friend! Loved it and glad you made us wait for this gem.

  7. The most awaited tear has finally dropped. What finality set by the Tear hoppers. Really captured my emotions Rimly. Very well composed!

  8. Very beautiful soul sis. I wish I had saved that last tear. It's something so rare and sacred... it shows man's vulnerability and real, deep emotions. Each tear that I read was unique and I love them all... a man's tear is precious...

  9. Another beautiful Poem Rimly...yes, men do cry. The man in my life cries at sad movies, when he looses a loved one, when he is sad. I like the direction you took the subject in..thoughful and caring for the "Tears" of men, who are raised sometimes to surpress these feelings, yet you allowed this image to flow freely, reminding us that strong Men are not afraid to show their " Tears"....Always..

  10. Hi Rimly ,

    I Loved it , tears ..comes in two forms ..when we are sad and very much happy , you really expressed both ...part beautifully ...loved the way you always so beautiful.

    P.S : finally back ..missed most of your posts ..if I will get time will read ..some of the best scribbled post of yours :)

  11. one drop of that tear crystallized the whole poem into a precious diamond. heavy on my heart, i am out of words. tears, tears, tears, let me play.

  12. I want to catch the tears and wipe them beautiful your words are....luv you...As always....XOXOXOXO

  13. Off poem, but like Jim said - Brain Song can cause a drought. As for your poem, the range of emotions in both sexes (could be same) is visceral. You evoked the core of a moment (the moment) between two people when, rarely, there are no walls, only two people, bare before one another. Sniff sniff...

  14. wow, that was impressive :)

    Weakest LINK

  15. This is the best..Rimly,and yes,real men do cry...beautifully written..making me cry..

  16. Such brilliance, Rimly. I like men who are so in touch with their emotions that they are not afraid to express their sadness in tears....

  17. sad now off for a tear or two myself. I am a man and cry far to often.

  18. Full of raw emotion...a beautiful imagery of sorrow.

  19. Oh My God - this was way too beautiful. Really Well done ....

  20. Jim thank you. Yes men do cry. I have seen quite a many!!

    SJ I am yet to see that one tear drop. Thank you.

    Roy thank you for starting Poe-A-Tree hop. I really enjoyed writing this poem. God bless. I am glad you liked it.

  21. Nelieta thank you so much. I am honored that my poem touched you so much.

    David you are truly wealthy because you do not hesitate in expressing your feeling even if that means shedding tears. Thank you for your comment

    Thank you Sulekha for your encouraging comment.

  22. Blonostics thank you. I am glad you enjoyed the poem

    Melissa every teardrop is precious. It is the soul crying out. I am glad you liked the poem. Thank you

    Thank you Raven Myth. I tried to imagine a man who is not used to expressing his feelings break down. Thank you so much.

  23. Karina thank you so much for reading and commenting

    Vivek great to have you back. Thank you for reading and commenting

    Sancheeta no more tears! Let's have some fun when you are here! Thank you for commenting

  24. Bonnie thank you so much. Loved your poem too. xoxo

    Brenda thank you. I wanted to bring out the difference in man and woman and how they express themselves. But there are moments when both can weep without any inhibition.

    Rachit thank you for reading and commenting.

    Thank you Jan for the comment

  25. Alpana my passionate sis we know the meaning of tears very well

    Corrine I agree with you. I like men who are comfortable with their emotions. Thank you

    Charles thank you taking the time out of poker to visit and comment. :)))

    Jessica I loved your poem too. Straight from the heart. Thank you

    Kriti I am happy you like it. Thank you goddess

  26. Yet again you surpass yourself. Emotions are an amazing thing. When we release them it can refresh us and rekindle us. So many men try to hold those tears in, believing it is not a manly thing to do. But every man has things that mean alot to them, that touch their heart and soul, and if they need to shed a tear, do so, nobody will think any less of them.

  27. So true Larry. Every man is human and have every right to break down if they have to. That doesn't make them less of a man

  28. Touching! The pain of war cannot exceed the woe of aftermath. Keep penning.

  29. So sad Rimly :( I need to grab some tissues now. Sorry for the lateness in my commenting. I have had limited time on computer lately, but still trying to make my rounds :)

  30. No problem Anna. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and taking the time out to read. Btw love your blog. Someone commented that it is very soothing. I agree totally.

  31. Ok I'll be honest, for once thank God it's the man crying and not you...:) very well done, as usual Rimly...

  32. Yes it is Swati! Ha,ha,ha!!!!Thank you

  33. I agree with Swati! I'm glad YOU weren't the one crying this time. :) Beautiful poem.

  34. Thanks Rachel but I was crying thought the emphasis was more on the guy. I made him cry too, One single tear!!!