Tuesday, March 1, 2011

His Steadfast Love

She rips his heart
With her tongue.
Sharp as a razor
The blade lashes and
Draws blood giving
Vent to her aching heart.
He listens
Mute and helpless.
There is nothing
To say or do
But love her.

Her heart is fragile
And she tears it
Time and again
With her cruel tongue
The torrent of angry
Pain ridden hurtful words
Is relentless
Deafening the silent pleas of his heart.

The fires of her hell
Blind her
Her every spoken thought
Judging and damning him.
And yet victory is
Not hers to keep
For his weeping heart
Is hers too.

Spent she listens
To their agonizing quiet.
Her soul weeps
As he draws a sigh
That quiver with unspoken hurt.
His sadness almost palpable
His silence he breaks and says….
“I love you baby”


  1. What do I say but brilliant, beautiful,honest and the most endearing apology ever, to true love. We all hurt those who love us, out of fear of losing them.

  2. Really wonderful...words that you express in such a poignant manner
    Thank You

  3. Thank you for your comment dogcicle

  4. Thank you so much Jim. I can only write from my own experience.

  5. Absolutely overwhelming! You are so brilliant Rimly - really : )

  6. mind blowing! mind blowing! mind blowing.........a beautiful way of expressing the most intense emotions, thats what poetry is all about.

  7. My daughter , when she was little. would find ways to get a band aid put on. mostly cut and scratches and a bruise or two, just so i would kiss it better and say i love you. very good poem, just what we do to hear i love you.
    god bless

  8. Sancheeta thank you so much for your comment

  9. Yes Roy we will do anything to hear that "I love you". But often we take those three words for granted too. Thank you for commenting

  10. Rimly,

    I am touched, your poem radiates love and honesty.


  11. Rimly..where does this come from..I envy the man who will discover you..and sorry for those who didn't understand you..

  12. Nice to meet you Rimly! I am Jorie btw.
    Your poem is beautifully written, honestly spoken and meticulously woven... together your words are like a gift from heaven... Thank you for sharing.:)

  13. Jessica thank you so much for your lovely comment

  14. Dear Alpana thank you. I think we deserve nothing more nothing less. I dont even know if I want to be discovered.

  15. Hi Jorie thank you. I have been to your blog. Love the pictures and your account of your experiences when you travel.

  16. Hi rimly,
    His Steadfast love... how beautiful!


  17. Hi Rimly,
    Brilliant poem , Keep it up.
    Written from inner core of heart.

    Take care
    keep smiling.

  18. oh i can't think of anything else the moment he says he loves me...

    the words you use are potent rimly... they speak to the heart... you transmit emotions to the readers and yet leave them tongue tied in the end with the contrasts that you make... :)... thumbs up...

  19. He is helplessly in love , she knows it, she knows she's hurting him she can see it , its killing her. Its killing him yet she goes on , confidant he will be there after its over !!!! passionately , helplessly in love .... ...

  20. heart rending....true.....DIRECT dil se....TUHINA

  21. Thank you Vivek, Melissa, Frane and Tuhina. Really appreciate your comments.