Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Death…Hers

There was something
About the wind that night
It howled and wailed.
The leaves of the trees
Rustled and hissed.
Somewhere in the distant
The mournful cries of dogs
Pierced the night.

Taunting shadows
Played hide and seek
With the frolicking branches.
A clap of thunder
Echoed angrily
As black menacing clouds
Blotted the moon,
Darkness no longer visible.

She stood in the clearing
A lone broken soul
The tempest outside no match
To the raging storm in her
Her wild haunted eyes sought
For answers in the blinding night.
None came ….
The wind snatched them away.

Her tormented wail of agony
Was that of a wounded animal,
That stilled the night.
She tried to hold on to them,
Her last shattered pieces
The remnants of what had been
Lay writhing and dying.

Like the hollow remains
Of a lighting struck tree
Bereft of hope, love, trust,
Dreams and desires
All taken from her
She stood alone, an empty shell
“Her”, gone forever.


  1. My god!!!! what a sad and hauntingly beautiful poem!!!1 Rimly you are a fantastic poetess,love it.

  2. A love that haunts the soul for peace and accpetance

  3. You described it so vividly , you can feel her pain ...almost , loved it ...

  4. Frane I look forward to your comments. Thank you so much

  5. What rises from the ashes of emptiness? A new vessel to fill with love.

    Cheers A

  6. Such a great poem Rimly! Your words describing the very essence of emptiness...broken...shattered. How very sad for this woman to be so alone.

  7. Ooooh Rimly, that gave me goosebumps!! Beautiful, dark....loved it!

  8. lovely rimly....soulful yet dark. love your poetry, you should seriously consider compling them into a book.
    ps: for some reason, i am not being able to comment using my wordpress URL.

  9. Rimly - when I come is there any way you can coach me to write like this???? I doubt it - one must feel like you do to pour out such magical stuff. This one talks to your soul and its so very vivid. Love it as usual. Can I stop saying that last line now. Those letters on my keyboard are fading only because of you. Lovely

  10. Lovely, I can smell the wild essence of sadness radiating from that agonized mind.Beautifully brought to us by poetess rhythmic Rimly.

  11. @Alejandro thanks. We have no choice but to rise from the ashes and become a new vessel to be filled with love.
    @Mary love your sensitive comments.
    @Rimjhim thanks darling. Dont know why you havent been able to post
    @Swati love you for visiting and commenting.
    @Kriti, goddess I am always at a loss for words when I read your posts. Thank you so much
    @Nirupam great to see you here. Thank you for your comment

  12. What can I say...ur just too good pls start compiling and get a book out soon.... beautiful sad and lonely!!! Seema

  13. Thank you Seema. Where are you?

  14. A really sad dark one Rimly.. I hope you do not have to feel this dark to write this.. very compelling and interesting

  15. Very dark..."“Her”, gone forever." wow says it all...thank you...As always...XOXOXO

  16. wish I could write poems in this manner... This is overpowering, sad yet captivates the soul... Thank you for sharing..:)

  17. HI Jim thank you as always. yes it is sad and dark. Some of the darkness is there in me or else I will not be able to write like this but I am not all darkness either, there is still light in me.:)))

  18. @ Bonnie thank you. xoxoxo
    @ Joire thank you for your comment. I love your style of writing.

  19. and the night stood still,naked and drenched,bathed in silver,adorned with pearls of hope that clung on to her ravaged body.....
    HEY RIMLI,another side to you that I did not know!
    Keep writing. Loved this first one I read.Parag

  20. Hey Parag, didnt know you were a poet too. Yes this is a side of me not many know. Thank you for your comments.

  21. An empty shell... very deep! Great write.