Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dark Liberator

I am the liberator
For those who know me
The hour of darkness
For those who don’t
Cold and merciless
I am shrouded in mystery
A harbinger of sorrow,
An annihilator,
Dispassionate and indiscriminate.

I am the misunderstood truth
For many I am untimely
But I remain the slave of time
Arriving never before
Only when the hour is at hand.
The ageless dark knight
Riding his black horse
Shunned and unwelcome
I come nevertheless.

I am the beginning
And yet for most
I am the end.
Fleeing from me
But escaping not my embrace
I am the soulless collector
Of souls, holding out my hand
Helping them cross the realm
To another new journey.
I am death.



  1. so ride the dark horse the harvester. i well not ride but hide till he s pasted. lovely poem. god bless

  2. Beautiful poem, Rimly - you created some chilling images of the soulless collector of souls.

  3. Thank you Abhisek, Roy and Nanang

  4. Death is final..its..the end..only you can do this Rimly.

  5. very well written...very cold as death is. You do have a wonderful way with words

  6. A wonderful poem about death and his honesty makes him likable in an odd sort of way.Brilliant post, dear Outlier.

  7. Very well written! The dark horse is scary, but he comes for us all sometime... at the right time.

  8. A new beginning - Death - love it Rimly! Very very beautiful

  9. Rimly,
    I wish I can embrace the new journey with as much hope... your poem always sends me to another world - strange and yet so familiar... Love it.

  10. Dark kind of poem....Thank you... As always...XOXOXO

  11. make death sound attractive!! Loved it as usual....

  12. beautiful,dark and vivid...loved it!

  13. i stayed on some words you used in your poem... there's so much to ponder on... two contrasting thoughts on death... and yet i still see it in a positive light... death is just a passage... life has no end ;)

  14. This is excellently written. Very powerful in the darkest sense.

  15. Thank you everybody for your wonderful comments.