Thursday, March 10, 2011

Her Truth

The sun is smiling
Down at her
Bathing her with his
Pure light
“Wake up to a new day”
He nudges her
For a moment her
Heart soaks in his
Bright warmth
And then she turns…
The emptiness beside her
Jolting her back to
Her reality.

Frenzied she sits up
Was he for real or
Was he a dream?
Her eyes dart in panic
Searching for him
A wail starts in her
Chocked throat.
Where has love gone?
She steadies her
Beating heart.
 Letting her senses
Takeover, she looks
For signs he left behind.

A whiff of him
Caught between the sheets
The still damp towel
And tooth brush
 Sitting in the bathroom
Tiny wisps of his hair
On the pillow next to her
His voice still whispering
In her ears “I love you”
The sensation of his
Tender arms around her
The feeling of his head
On her lap as he lay watching her
Her body tingling with his touch
His laughter echoing around her
The sweet taste of his mouth
Still lingering in hers
All testimony of their love.

With a sprint in her step
And a song in her heart
She gears up for a new dawn.
Reliving their moments
With a hope and a belief
That he is her one and only
Incredible truth.
Renewed and rejuvenated
Anticipating other magical
Timeless moments with
Her soul mate
She smiles and looks up
At the welcoming sun.


  1. Another winner, love this happy and positively glowing with love poem. Your poems are windows to your soul, they sparkle and shine with your brilliance. GREAT POST, my Outlier.

  2. Thank you Outlier. Your comments really make me feel good

  3. I am not a poet. I could never write like you, but when i read something that stirs the emotions, and touches my soul i have to give acknowledgment. You have through this poem. Fantastic!

  4. Rimly - I cannot help getting awed at every single piece of poetry you ever have written. I just love the intensity in them. Almost feel like I am the woman. You are terrific!

  5. Your poem touched me within. Your connection with love is just beautiful.

  6. Rimly, that was beautiful. Love really makes the world go around!

  7. YOur words on love are so warm so heartfelt your special person is very lucky.
    Thank You

  8. @Larry, thank you for visiting my blog. really appreciate your comment.
    @Kriti my prejudiced fan I really look forward to your comments. I think all us passionate women feel the same. You are the woman and every other woman who love heart and soul.
    @YogSavy thank you. And your connection with your inner self is inspiring. I keep trying to do that but the chattering in my mind never stop.
    @Lavina isn't love beautiful, if you have found the one who loves you as intensely and passionately? Thank you for commenting.

  9. Thank you Jim. Your comments make my day.

  10. Rimly,one of your best,how ironic for people like you and be able to understand love...You are my inspiration to write something so beautiful.

  11. Beautiful again Rimly....I look forward to your posts....

  12. @ Alpana yes it is ironic isn't it? But I guess we know about love because we have experienced as well as lost love to write about it.
    @ Swati thank you always for your comments

  13. felt every word of it rimly ;)...would've love to stay like this with my soul mate ;)...