Friday, May 6, 2011

Pressed Flowers


As I turn the pages
Of my book of life
Gone by
Like pressed flowers
Stare back at me
Some dead, some vibrant
Colors faded,
A broken stalk,
A torn petal,
Testimony to the
Scars and pain
A mere shadow
Of what had been.
Some withered
And crushed
Blown away
By the winds of time
Some banished
Into oblivion
Others still fresh…
In their riot of colors
A crimson streak,
A flash of purple,
A virginal white,
A playful yellow,
A crispy green…
Some still move me
With their faint fragrance
While some numb
My weary soul

I pick up a random few
To carry in my heart…
Some bring a tear
Some a frown
And some a smile
While some stay
Locked away in time
To reminisce
On cold winter nights


  1. Really wonderful but then again you always are. I loved the press flowers
    line. By the way that image of you is great I wish I took it:)

  2. Thank you Jim as always for having such beautiful words for my poems.

  3. Great post!! Life is exactly like pressed flowers, very insightful of you to make the connection. Our life is full of memories, many memorable and some are unpleasant but they all make us who we are and complete us. Your words have me picturing my life via a leather bound album full of flowers in various stages of condition and it's a exciting read for the most part. Take care!!

  4. Thank you David. I really think memories are like pressed flowers captured in our book called life.

  5. What a lovely analogy! Life memories really are like pressed flowers. Lovely words. :)

  6. Lovely images and words. You have a new follower!

  7. Hi Rachel, dont know why I thought of pressed flowers when I thought of memories today but the idea stuck and this poem came about.Thanks a ton

  8. pressed flowers do invoke so many thoughts and memories. take you back to the time, day and place when you carefully placed them in those pages. you are right, memories come back....flooding, some making you smile while others reminding you of a time you gladly put behind.
    beautiful sister!'

  9. Simon so good to see you here and thank you so much for your comment. And also for following my journey.

  10. Hey my talented sister, just read your recent post. Loved it.

  11. I love how you compare memories, the keeping and falling away of them, to pressed flowers. Brilliant poem.

  12. Hi Rimly -

    I like your poem a lot, and I really like how you say, "in a riot of colors" ... that good imagery for me. Thank you. :)

  13. Rimly,
    Who ever broke your heart was a real ass hole..
    You have a beautiful spirit

  14. oh rimly, i'm very glad this was among the first blogs i read this morning... your lines are very personal and beautifully expressed... did i say i like i too much? it brings different memories in my mind... like pressed flowers... i'd like to see the ones i kept (not only in my mind)... :*

  15. very true...Life is collection of memories in diffrenet colors n forms....

    Gods's Own man@APNIBOLI

  16. @ anonymous when it come to asshole i think we all know where you are best you go back too writing on outhouse walls. rimly this is a beautiful poem. and the world love your art and feels the love in your heart. thank you and god bless.

  17. Love the imagery! I have the same emotions you know Rimly - but can never put it as beautifully as you do.

  18. Oh I love this! Especially how you described the colors. I love colors! The images are wonderful as well and fits perfectly with your wonderful text ^_^

  19. memories good and bad pressed together..forever always...XOXOOXOXO

  20. I know what u mean...beautiful as ever..To be honest with you, I don't have the words to make you feel better, but I do have the arms to give you a hug, ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about, and I have a heart.. a heart that's aching to see you smile again.

  21. Oh this is so beautiful and touching Rimly! I love your poems and they always pull at my heart strings!

  22. Love you Jessica Brant. Some assholes will never change

  23. @Melissa did you check on your book of pressed flowers. Love your comment
    @Jan thank you dear
    @Irfan thanks
    @Roy god bless you for your comment
    @Mari I love your photography as you appreciate my words
    @Kriti you express your thoughts so beautifully in prose. Nothing can compare to that. Thank you nevertheless my goddess
    @YogaSavy, thank you Savira. Your words often get me speechless

  24. @TJ I have become a fan of your drawings. They are wonderful. Thank you
    @A you are pressed and stored in my book of life to ponder about in the future :))) Thank you
    @Bongo xoxo
    @Alapana thank you for being there soul sister as I am there for you
    @Nelieta I hope your heart strings were pulled this in a positive way. Thank you. xoxo

  25. Why does everyone say what I had wanted to but still I say: The analogy is beautiful. I savoured each and every line of this sober and tender poem on life.

    Joy always,

  26. My friend.. if I were a man... I wud be right at your feet begging for this kind of love!! Oh the losers that can't feel your tenderness...

  27. Life is a time period between which we face so many types of feelings.Love,care,hate,sad and many more.But all of them together make life a Life.We should live every part of it.

    Excellent seems a small word for your writings....but they truly are. :D

    When The Heart Speaks

  28. Lovely as usual really do write so beautifully...

  29. Thank you Sheba, Abhisek and Swati.

  30. PRESSED FLOWERS, an unique name given to an unique poem.

  31. Rimly - truly lovely! I used to collect pressed flowers and your poem evokes all the bitter sweet longings of trying to hold on to something which will never come alive again. But nobody can take our pressed flowers away from us.

  32. Beautiful Rimly..... Pressed flowers .... our memories... good n each his/her own...

  33. @Sancheeta thank you my dear. The name pressed flowers came to me and stayed in my head. I had to put it on words then
    @Lavina so true nobody can take away our memories, they are ours alone. Thank you for visiting and commenting
    @Radznand thank you so much. Our memories are for us to keep or discard

  34. Beautiful poem by an angel...I have no other words Rimly.

  35. Loved it rimly!..I remember all those books in which i saved all my pressed flowers- hoping to hold on to the moment!..would be hard to store them now in Ipad's/Iphones and kindles!

  36. Thank you my Outlier. You dont have to say anything, I understand, thats why we a re soul sister.

  37. Ruchi so true the days of pressed flowers are over though memories always live on. Thank you my friend

  38. Ruchi so true the days of pressed flowers are over though memories always live on. Thank you my friend