Saturday, January 22, 2011

From the Ashes…


The ashes of their devastation
Swirl around them,
Dark and impenetrable…
The stench of burning flesh
Fill the night
Charred bones stare vacantly
What once had been life
Now lay scattered, cold and dying.
“Free at last from the horrors”
She thinks…
For a moment shackles of what had been
Tie her to him in an uncanny way,
Glimpses of joy and laughter
Of the past bind her.
Caught in a web of compassion
She looks at him,
A star that had once been
Now burnt and fallen,
And sheds a tear…

The world of make belief that was once
Lay shattered around them
Lies, deceit and blame
No longer hold the power
To bleed her…
They lay helpless, torn and twisted.
“Why” she cries out to the swirling darkness?
Silence greets her as she stands alone
Amongst the ravaged rubble.
The carnage of two lives
That had raged and ranted
Has finally died…
Picking up what is left of her soul
She takes one last look at him,
A star that had once been
Now burnt and fallen
And sheds a tear…

The road to another lonely journey
Calls out to her
She has no choice but to
Follow this strife laden new path
To ride storms yet to come.
Broken but not without spirit
She sighs as she trudges
Towards the unknown, the perilous
Holding the innocent hand of her flesh
She braces to face the strife and turmoil of life.
“Help me God” the shattered pieces of her heart
Cry out to the dark sky
The winds carry her prayer
She holds her innocent one close to her.
Remembering him once more,
A star that had once been
Now burnt and fallen,
She sheds a tear…


  1. Loved this...Rimly...I associate my pain here,you are so beautiful inside..that it reflects in your work..(extremely beautiful outside too)

  2. I don't know what was going on inside you when you wrote this, but there must have been a strong grief that evoked such thoughts...i can relate to your words... sometimes I think its good to be sad, as grief gives birth to great writers like you...Keep writing mate...will keep coming back to your posts...

  3. Alpana we have a mutual admiration society here. I love your writings too. It shows how deep a person you are. @Jeenada thank you visiting my blog. went to yours and left comment.

  4. I love the strong images, the refrain. Beautiful poem, Rimly.

  5. Thank you sweepyjean. Some say I used very harsh imagery in this poem but that is what I felt when I wrote it.

  6. Rimly, your poems are emotions on pages, for all to read and feel your soul's pain. you write beautifully my Outlier. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you my outier. Just going across to B'khush to read your article

  8. There is a sense of very deep loss here...coming from experience..therefor carrying such depth. When we give our hearts and love deeply...we are left with a deep hole in our Soul when the Light of the "Star" begins to burn itself out. We no longer feel the lift of the Spirit when we are held in love's breath...we turn to dust and now become ashes on the wind. No longer feeling fractured...knowing we have to go through the process of loss, doubt and forgiveness... but always the hope of finding "Love" again...and only then, re-discovering ourselves...putting all the shattered pieces back together...her Spirit full...ready to embrace the fullness of new Love..from a New Perspective...because you can. " I am Love, and everything in my life is working toward my ultimate good"...

    I loved the rawness of this Rimly...allowing yourself to go to such depths.." Live your Passion"...thank you for teaching...Always...

  9. Yes Ravenmyth this poem is all about loss but never giving up the hope of finding love. Thank you so much for your comment. Really look forward to them on my posts