Sunday, January 23, 2011



Words, loving words
Of hope and promise
Are all they give her.
Like petals of flowers
Caressing her very core
Softly and gently,
She is carried away by them
To another world
Of dreams come true.
But they are just words
Trivial sweet nothings…

Words, compassionate words
Laced with sweet love, their words
Soothe and lull her
Gullible and believing heart.
 She is a princess
Loved and cherished,
Her soul soars to another realm
Of courage and honor,
Integrity and honesty.
But they are just words
Pitiable sweet nothings…

Words, eloquent poetic words
They all whisper to her.
She surrenders to them
Lost and hungry souls that they are...
They take her love to
Celebrate their life in its splendor
Find meaning to their
Mundane drudgery of a life.
She accepts every morsel
Believing every confession that pours forth.
But they are just words
Empty sweet nothings…                    


  1. true love needs no words. actions speak louder...

  2. Beautiful Rimly...yes we place so much importance on words, we forget they might not be meant!

  3. Lovely, why do we believe in mere words? Actions speak louder than words, don't say you love me, show me.

  4. Words beautiful words,
    the words that you sung
    in my soul had rung
    oh what happiness
    to my blissful heart
    your words have brung.

    Thanks for sharing this with me Rimly, twas beautimus.

  5. Thank you Jenni. :))) Glad you like it

  6. That is what I have with my husband. He shows me in his actions everyday how much he values and loves me. Believe he is no poet, but I never doubt his love. I so hope I give him the same.It took me a long time to realize fancy words of love mean nothing if they were skipping of to the next without a thought of the damage they did. Beautiful Rimly, as your words always are.

  7. Someone had said "Love without action is meaningless and action without love is irrelevant". I am so glad you have found that man in your life whose actions speak louder than his words. And I hope you too will do the same for him Jan. Thank you for commenting

  8. Oh here is my you tube tuesday.

  9. Awesome - I am reminded of the song "words". THat one is my favorite and here is my favorite blogger writing on the same topic. Thank you Rimly!

  10. ''Words''
    They are miracle that flatters our heart and attention :).. Words are the reflection of thoughts and beauty of heart!

    Wonderful ,Rimly :)

  11. Words are a larger part of life.. its importance is not only restricted to love but to each and every department.. Words are beautiful medium to fill colors to our dull life... when nobody is with us, words stay with us.. They don't let us feel alone.. and above all if there were no words, I wouldn't be writing this comment for u to express my feelings.. ^_^

  12. Your words are so true.....yes, actions speak louder than words.

  13. Beautiful like you Rimly,Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace,love...some have the knack of doing so,I don't'but thanks to God,I get my share...loved it Rimly.

  14. Like Jan, my sweetheart does not express his love for me in words. Sometimes I long for those sweet words and some of my girlfriends have been harshly critical of him for this (and other) reasons. But, our relationship is much more solid than my past relationships which were filled with pretty words -- in fact, I was married to an amazing poet and lyricist who used his beautiful words to cut out my heart!

    And the "they" you refer to in this piece speaks to me of a whole world of untrustworthy words -- not just lovers. Adverstisements, love songs, employers, etc., etc.

    Love this piece, Rimly, thank you!

  15. Oh yes, I've had empty words too in the past, Rimly...Sadly they don't compare with actions with some people. But hey, the good news is that there are some people who truly walk the talk.

  16. Ahh but words are everything...lovely!! Big hug Poetess par excellence (said in the French accent) :)

  17. Words are very important soul sis. We are not mind readers and therefore, there's a probability that we might misinterpret others' actions or perceive them differently.

    However, as you put it, some have learned the art of deceit and I easily fall into this trap because I'm naive... I'm learning to discern truth from lie...hmmm...

  18. love has two parts, bodies and words. bodies refill life if there are words and feel like dead without words. so words are everlasting spirits of expression to take a heart away.............

    your words say it all, arrest one's soul to conceal togetherness. loved the WORDS, LOVED YOUR POETRY.

  19. Thank you Kriti, that song is a favorite of mine too

    Simran thank you. Yes words are one of the means to express our thoughts and open our heart.

    Monu words are very important to put across our thoughts but sometimes can be just words, meaningless. Thank you for commenting

  20. Thank you Janu, taking an action is tough so people tend to use words, it doesnt take much to use empty words.

    Alpana, yes one word from the heart can mean a lot than a thousand beautiful words that are not meant.

    Linda it is better to have a man who doesnt express his love through words but action. At least he is genuine. Words can be so fake and artificial.

  21. Yes Corrine there are still people who walk the talk and I have had the good fortune to have them in my life.

    Swati thank you, your words mean a lot to me. :))))

    Melissa words are important to communicate but words are also used to deceive and use people and we have to be wary of such people who dont mean what they say. take care soul sis

  22. Thank you Sancheeta, words have a lot of power but at the same time words can be manipulated.

  23. words...
    nice poem.
    the warmest feeling after reading this poem is there's another soul in this world who values the immense & beautiful world that lies in the mere simplicity of words :)and that feeling in itself is a big one for a writer

  24. Nice... A touch will speak volumes more...


  25. Thank you Terry. Yes words have immense power to make or break you.

  26. Yes Mike action speaks louder than words. Great to see you here and commenting after so long.

  27. Hmmmm. I'm sitting here and letting this one pour into my spirit. Thanks dear Rimly. The words you construct are sweet everything's. :-)

  28. Hmmmm. I'm sitting here and letting this one pour into my spirit. Thanks dear Rimly. The words you construct are sweet everything's. :-)

  29. I'm a very auditory person, so words are everything to me. The right words stir those emotions within me that can not be touched by anything else. it never ceases to amaze me how your words Rimly can so easily touch the mind, body and soul. You are a genius.

  30. I love the way you weave these 'sweet nothings' into beautiful poetry, Rimly! I think the words are not always the 'bad guys''s the lack of feelings behind the words. Feelings or emotions are more honest and potent...and they can be felt by another, even without words.

    It's always a delight to visit your blog and soak in your beautiful tapestries of words.

  31. And yet to a writer, words are of the essence...

  32. Larry thank you for calling me a genius. Words are very important to get across your thoughts, intentions but often words are just empty words, meaningless.Words can be exploited by people who dont mean them. This poem was an attempt at that. Thank you once again

  33. I agree with you Becky. Words are potent and can touch you deeply. It is the people who abuse words, making them sweet nothings, not meaning them, just to flatter you and make you feel special temporarily. Thank you for enjoying my poems.

  34. Yes Cathy to a writer, words are everything. Without words we are lost. Thank you for reading and commenting

  35. Nilanjana you and I know better, action speaks any day louder than words.

    Swati we get so taken by people who use words they dont mean. This poem was about that. Yet words are by itself so potent.Thank you for commenting

    Sulekha, my outlier so true. Show me you love me, dont talk!

  36. Love it-always love your WORDS!

  37. Thank you so much Kimbly for commenting and enjoying my words