Thursday, December 8, 2011



The sun’s golden hues bathe
Her undulating contours
As she lay basking
In the warmth of her thoughts
Today the universe has
Opened up to new vistas
And she stands in its midst
No longer alone
“How did you find me?”
Her soft luminous eyes
Speak to his
“I was lost never to be found
And yet….
How did you find me, my love?”

She smiles…
Her face radiant as the sun
That looks down on her.
Her furrowed brows,
With heavy ripples of pain
That seemed etched forever
Give way to a calmness
 A pool of serenity
“I looked for you everywhere
But you were lost…”
Her luscious lips
Murmur to his
“Shall we walk the same path?
Like we did
In other lifetimes, my love?”

He takes her in his arms
As she buries herself
In his warmth
He whispers her name…
And in that
She finds the answers
To her life, her search,
Her agonizing journey
As they come rushing
Like a deluge
Overpowering and overwhelming
She knows…
They share the same road
Their destinies intertwined
Forever, always…


  1. I am surrendered, my soul in your knowledge,
    we are born to save our breadth to infuse
    in width and depth while we traverse
    our destiny, an eye with an eye
    our collage flawless...........

    your poem rule my emotions always.
    hats off baby!

  2. Thank you darling. I always look forward to your comments Sancheeta

  3. Lovely, such a lovely poem. "their destinies intertwined forever, and always", beautiful.

  4. Thank you Janu for your comment

  5. Rimly this brings love and romance to a deeper level. Having mutual paths is the most romantic thing there is. I loved this!

  6. You have a remarkable way with words.. always something new..

  7. I know Leah. The best relationship of love between two sols is when their journey is the same. Thank you so much

  8. Thank you Savira. Coming from a writer like you who is so versatile in her writing it is a compliment

  9. OH SWEETIE! Thank you for sharing this is balm on wounded soul <3

  10. Oh, so lovely, serene, and powerfully sensuous at the same time . . .
    Just loved it!

  11. Thank you Lisa. I am trying to write more soothing and happier poems these days :)))

  12. Glad you liked it Martha. Thank you for your comments. They sure cheer me up.

  13. Rimly,

    Your poetry blows my mind and hits my very soul.


  14. Hello.
    There's something extremely sensual about sharing the journey of life and love with your soul mate.
    Rimly, sounds like you've hopped aboard my train of romance (smile). I'm loving this romantic side to you...keep it up my dear.
    Beautiful writing.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I truly appreciate it.

    For ref:
    Eleven Roses And You

  15. yay! they find each other....lovely!

  16. speechless... there are many things about you i am learning now:)

  17. My heart knew my love that you will find me
    Together with you I was destined to be
    Hold me in your arms,hold me like never before
    So clear my image in your eyes I can see

    Beautiful romance Rimly ba. I loved it :)

    check this:
    Please don't delete my blog Kapil Ji

  18. I am so happy to read this Rimly...its exquisite. I never knew what love was until I met you, then when distance pulled us apart, I found out what true love is.No matter how big the world is, if two are meant to be together, love will lead them to be together.

  19. Rimly, Love the bright colors in your poem and the sunshine in your words. Lovely and beautiful poem of love radiating happiness :)take care my dear Outlier

  20. Jessica thank you. Hope to be in love always....LOL!

  21. Hi Andy, I think some of your romance has rubbed off on me! Glad to have across your blog. It was just the right time...Thank you my friend

  22. Yes Sukanya my sis they had to meet. I wouldn't want anything more!!!

  23. Hi Anu, it is great to see you here. Would love you to visit and comment whenever. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  24. Prosenjeet loved your comment. Thank you. Rimlyba...I like it!

  25. Yes Alpana I agree to that. Nothing can stop from two people falling in love if it is meant to be. Thank you for your comment and for always sharing my posts

  26. Thank you Sulekha. Attempting to be sunnier. LOL!

  27. I love these lines, Rimly: “Shall we walk the same path? Like we did
    In other lifetimes, my love?”
    Mind blowing stuff, sweetie ♥

  28. Oooo Rimly love. It's the first time I've experienced this in your page...hmmm...I lost a whole comment.

    Anways, when there is sun...light...and bright hues~ it must could be... that you're in love! WOW!

    Romance on a Friday night would be good for me. It keeps the doctors away. Thanks for posting this lovely poem.

    I always wish to see this side of yours.

    I believe in destiny ;)

  29. Corinne I believe that we all have met in some lifetimes and as for lovers it is a definite "yes". Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Love you

  30. Melissa my soul sis love and romance is therapeutic, and I wish you loads of it. This was just a figment of my imagination but i hope to experience it someday. Love you

  31. So romantic! I believe in destiny, not sure about soulmates.This is really lovely Rimly.

  32. Thank you luchissmiles for visiting and commenting. I truly beleive in destiny and sol mates

  33. and then the life seems certain, full of belonginess :)

    Weakest LINK

  34. This time around..there'll be love. It's nice to read poetry affirming positive union or rekindling of the old flame.

  35. This was v deep rimly....n fcourse it touched deep....lovely...There s now a transformation in poetry to next level.

    Well done!!
    Keep it up!!


  36. Yes Fher nothing like positive union. Thank you for commenting

  37. Thank you Mani for the encouraging comment

  38. She was lost ..but tother she and "they"are found.....beautiful...As always...XOXOXOXO

  39. R- the more you write, the stronger your voice gets. The imagary is felt rather than read here. ahh, deepest of sighs.

  40. Yes Bongo she was lost and she was found. Thank you. xoxo

  41. LOL! Brenda thank you for your ever encouraging comments. It is an honor to get comments from a writer like you. I am deeply moved.

  42. So easy to lose oneself in the lovely words. I was there. Wonderful

  43. Lynne thank you so much for visiting and commenting

  44. often we have to live many experiences...learn along the way...have many teachers of "Love" then, through our own evolution be lead to our "Destiny's"..and when we get there we carry the fulfilled knowing of past experiences to manifest the fullness of our "Destined" experiences.Your use of the Sun as a Metaphor is perfect..basking in her heat..filling your heart with her light...shining a pathway before you..not unlike "Love's" passion. "They share the same road, their destinies intertwined"...beautiful..from a heart that knows the many pathways you took to meet on the same road...maybe always there, but passing each other in Life's Mist..until it lifted and you could See...Beautiful my dear friend...xx

  45. Such a tender poem..two people who found each other. Beautiful Rimly!

  46. Leeann we meet and part so often in this lifetime. Most times to learn something or to teach but every parting is a painful one and especially when you love someone deeply. Because then you want to share the rest of your journey with this person but it is not always so and we learn to let go and move on hoping to find someone to replace that emptiness. And when you are finally found you have your answers as to why you so many of those journeys ended the way they did. You were meant for this one till the end. I tried to express that through this poem. Thank you for understanding. xoxo

  47. Thank you Nelieta. Yes nothing like two people who love each other find their path in this lifetime together.

  48. Hey Rimly....Wonderful post..and Awesome poem....u take my heart by last lines..just suprb....

    even i believe in destiny...and more over destiny in romance/love romantic...

    u creates magic with words, soul and romance...

    loved it...keep writing...

  49. Thank you Hema. I guess we all believe that our destiny will take us to the one who is our mate in this lifetime.

  50. When you encounter love like this it almost stops your heart! I love how you paint these sensual pictures in your writing Rimly! This was food for my soul!

  51. Thank you Tameka. It is all in the imagination but I am glad you enjoyed it. xoxo

  52. Thank you Rachit for your comment