Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Reawakening

The Reawakening 

Like a rapid forest fire
Her burning desire
Spreads, stirring
Longings buried deep
Every pore,
Every cell, every atom
In her wants him,
Like a fever
It ravages her…
Her heart races
With a wanting
So strong
It takes her breath away

“Why, how, why?”
Her mind quizzes…
She had banished them
All those eons ago
When she lost him…
Her heart now
Like a thick dark
Tangle of gnarled
Stubborn roots
Claws into every beat…
Numb and cold
Warmth shying away
From her
Fierce resolution.

But he is here tonight…
He sleeps
A stranger, by her side
Unaware of the
Unleashed passion in her
Spiraling out of control
Consuming her…
A familiar shimmering memory
Like a fragile cobweb
Hangs between them
Random memories
Illusive like a dream

Who is he?
This stranger
That shares her space?
As her burning luscious
Lips scorch his
The hot desire in him
An equal match to hers
Devours her ripe
Swollen mouth
Awakening her
From a slumbering stupor…
He enters her very core
With an urgency

As their heated bodies
Aflame in their passion
Fuses as one
Something explodes
Shattering all
Lost memories
Like streaks of lightening
Jolt her from her
Darkness of self exile
This is no stranger…
He has held her
Close to his heart
Through the ages

Some lifetimes of
Holding her hand
Sharing a journey
And in some
Loving her from a distance
While she walks alone
He is her eternal lover…


  1. Space and distance doesn't make us strangers... I loved it when you said you shared a journey...Passions are kindled and are easily reawakened...I truly believe that 'love has a power of its own'...not only unleashing ones' needs and cravings... There is something beyond that...

    loved it soul sis :*

  2. Thank you soul sis. Love does indeed have a power of its own. it governs the whole universe! Where will we be without love?

  3. Just getting better, very powerful and passionate words. I like the way you turned it from not knowing to forever being there in the distance.

  4. So passionate and beautifully expressed, Rimly. Took my breath away just reading it!

  5. Sarah thank you for you wonderful comment. Love never dies I guess

  6. What a lucky man. To have you I mean


  7. Wow, Well this was a great way for me to wake up this morning, You are truly a wonder, your words ignite passion within us much like the lovers in your poems. Missed reading your words .. Thank you for this

  8. Passionate poem for a soul mate by his true love. I just adore how your mind works and strings together these gems which take our breaths away.

  9. Thank you A. LOL! No such lucky man!

  10. Jim great to see you here. It has been quite awhile. Thank you for your passionate comment.

  11. Oh God I love the last stanza. This love feels like the love of a guardian spirit. Loved your poem like always : )

  12. Thank you Outlier, you know my muse and my inspiration. :)))

  13. Kriti it is about a soul mate who is always there with you through lifetimes, sometimes with you, sometimes watching over you from a distance. Thank you

  14. reawakening like a dead moth from hibernation who wants to fly with all her spirits embracing the open sky.

    something down my spines............

  15. Wow...this is beautiful. I love reading your words, they come alive and paint the most vivid imagery. ~blessings

  16. The destination is "to be." I think love is endless, and it's limitless. But it's often hard for us to really experience the abundance of what love is. So it's kind of a moment-to-moment destination — to be in the moment, to be in the present, to be with ourselves, to be with another, to be with Spirit. I think it's an endless journey, a journey that keeps revealing itself.
    Life is a journey and it is love that makes that journey worthwhile..and with your passion..u can ignite even a dead soul...

  17. Thank you Jessica.Always a pleasure having you read and comment

  18. LOL! Alpana look who is talking, passionate Diva? Love remains and is limitless and the journey of love is a spiritual one

  19. Rimly, you know every time I read one of your poems it is more powerful! Beautiful!!!

  20. "This is no stranger..."

    That feeling of already knowing the other...that you have met before, can be very powerful.

    How beautifully you weave the words together, Rimly. Loved this! ❤

  21. Great talent. I really enjoyed reading that and look forward to future posting by ya.

  22. beautiful as always. <3<3<3

  23. Beautiful poem Rimly....I like all your poems :)

  24. Thank you Nelieta. Your comments mean a lot to me

  25. Thank you Janu. Good to see you here reading my poem

  26. Becky I tried to write about soul mates that have together through the ages. Thank you

  27. Thank you Karina for reading and commenting

  28. Abhisek really appreciate your visiting and commenting. Thank you

  29. I'm going to have to think about this. I was sure you had gone out, got blind drunk and found yourself in a night of wild passion ... but maybe not. What i do know, without any doubts, is your passion, sensuality and creativeness knows no bounds, and you are oozing talent.

  30. Good lord, sista, you are a passionate poet. only you can evoke such intensity in your poetry. hats off to you!

  31. Pssionate and vivid words about love!! The flame inside will burn for an eternity and despite distance etc it will never be extinguished. You never fail to move me with your words. Great post as always!!

  32. Larry I was totally sober!!LOL!Thank you for all the lovely adjectives to my writing skills. xoxo

  33. Rimjhim thank you darling.It is only words....

  34. David true if you have met your soul mate in other lifetimes, you will surely recognize her in this too. The love, passion all remain...thank you for your lovely comment

  35. Rimly, this is beautiful, exquisite writing! I enjoyed reading it :)

  36. Wow! Your writing is always so powerful! I love that last stanza.

  37. to be "removed from self exile". Of all the beautiful phrasing in your words that is what struck me most. I have no bride – and so when I read love poetry – or hear a love song – I turn it toward God. And he does to my spirit what a lover would do for my heart. Your words apply in that way as well. Striking, stunning, breath taking, thank you. God bless and keep you and all of yours Rimly.

  38. Thank you Jan, Mary and Mari for your wonderful comments

  39. Thank you Craig for reading and commenting. God is love and I guess any love whether it is for god or a person is bliss. Thank you once again

  40. Woman, you take my breath away again and again. Beautiful writing. You are truly a gifted poet..

  41. Thank you so Brenda. Coming from you it is an honor

  42. What a beautiful story! I was worried it would have a sad ending, but instead you gave it a magnificent one. :)

  43. Thank you Rachel. I try and end my dark and sad poems with a note of hope.